Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship - Surviving Primary School by Dr. Orly Katz

Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship - Surviving Primary School by Dr. Orly Katz
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Children's books ages 912
Surviving Primary School! Discover how to deal with peer pressure and find your true friends…,
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It all started on one completely normal afternoon when Claire invited her friend Penny to come over to her house.
They chatted on Facebook for a while until Claire went out of the room for a few minutes. The moment she stepped out of the door Penny went straight back to the computer which was still open on Claire’s Facebook page, and without blinking an eye lid started writing really insulting comments in Claire’s name on the wall of Claire’s best friend…
Interested to read what happened next?
You don’t have to be the wicked witch to be popular…
The way to stand up to peer pressure and be a true friend, without trampling over other people’s feelings, is already inside of you. You have the inner strength you need to do it and this book will show you how!!!
Let me share the secret with you so you too can reach the highest peak of popularity in your class, without giving way to peer pressure and getting dragged along after friends who make you feel bad!
This essential guide for kids, parents & teachers includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal
All of which will help you discover how to deal with peer pressure, How to be “Simply Me” and most important how to survive primary school!
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