Love's Beating Heart by Stephanie Parker McKean

Love's Beating Heart by Stephanie Parker McKean
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"Love's Beating Heart" is a Christian young adult and adult adventureromance with a strong prolife message. Teens Dena and Natasha embark on a wild river Huckleberry Finntype adventure to escape from the abortion that Natasha's parents demand she get. Meanwhile, Dena's older sister Cat is tossed into her own adventure after she flees an abusive boyfriend and finds refuge with a Christian family. To nonbeliever Cat, the Creekmore family seems totally insane. They even keep a horse in the house that they pretend is a Great Dane dog. But husband and father Skylar is undeniably attractive and Cat can think of no reason that she shouldn't separate him from his wife and family and claim him as her own. If only musician Jesse Montgomery hadn't written that strange prolife song that haunts her, "Love's Beating Heart," and if only he didn't disapprove of Cat's intentions she could be happy. But when Cat learns that Dena and Natasha have been swept down a flooded river and are missing, happiness flees. While Dena and Natasha fight off savage guard dogs, meet strange and potentially dangerous wildlife, and outwit a party of drunken teens bent on assaulting them, Cat winds up with hostile children to mother, an escaped steer that crosses paths with a vehicle, and gets trapped inside a burning barn. Will Natasha get to keep the baby that stepfather "Dennis the Menacer" has threatened to cut out with a steak knife? And is keeping the baby the right choice for an unwed teen still in school? What about Cat? Has she found joy with her new family and won the love of Sky? If so, why should her thoughts keep straying to the irritating and disapproving Jesse Montgomery who torments her with his song, "Love's Beating Heart?"...

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