CENTURY'S ENDINGS by Oliver Frances

CENTURY'S ENDINGS by Oliver Frances
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The stories in Century’s Endings narrate the social problems of man and his drama with life. Some are set in a political climate of regimes abolished at the end of the last century and others where the rulers are men of narrow thought.
In Century’s Endings, explore the worlds of:
“Faith”…A Soviet peasant finds that an unfortunate event changes his life…twice.
“Jeremy Smith”…Luis, the Peñon, is just a guy whose mind is pestered with images and stories of the lives of the celebrities and people who have succeeded in North America. Though his ambition is to make the American dream come true, he travels mistakenly to the old continent where he sets out his adventure and, eventually, spends his live.
“The Lord”…A young man, after completing postgraduate studies in a developed country, returns to his native land, where his countrymen don’t understand his vision.
“Cautious Man”… Elegábalo was a cautious man. He walked looking over his shoulder and never let his cautiousness slip away until he got what he always wished. Though Elegábalo was cautious man, he never thought of the unexpected, and this changed dramatically his fate and then fortune.
“The Forgotten Ones”…Sometimes promises made by the politicians during their campaign for votes are never carried out....

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