Mike, Mike & Me (MIRA) by Wendy Markham

Mike, Mike & Me (MIRA) by Wendy Markham
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Once upon a time in the 1980s, a girl named Beau was torn between two Mikes: did she prefer her highschool sweetheart or the sexy stranger she'd picked up in an airport bar? One she eventually married, the other she left behind (and forgot all about, or tried to, anyway).
But which Mike did she choose? This delightful tale by the bestselling author of Slightly Single and Slightly Settled alternates between the story of Beau's summer of Mikes and the outcome fifteen years later…without giving away which Mike ended up where—in Beau's marriage bed or in her memory.
In "The present" chapters, the former swinging single lives in the 'burbs with a childbirthtraumatized body, an increasingly distant husband and a sad sack maid who isn't much for cleaning. When out of the blue the Mikenottaken sends her a flirty email, she suddenly finds herself back to square one, trying to decide which man is the Mike of her dreams.

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