A Heart of Dreams by John Berry

A Heart of Dreams by John Berry
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Abused, sold by his jealous brothers into slavery, and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, life as a refugee was far from easy for Joseph, the dreamer. How was he to cope with life’s challenges and experiences as a friendless, dejected slave? Follow his Old Testament adventures and take a fresh look at the old familiar story of one of Judaism’s greatest patriarchs.
About the Author:
Firsttime author John Berry is a retired teacher and a lay minister in the Anglican Church. He lives near StratforduponAvon, is married, has three grownup children and two small grandchildren. He started writing ten years ago and has had three articles published in the Christian magazine Plain Truth. “I was always captivated by Old Testament characters. I was particularly inspired by Joseph, as so much of his life can be applied to life today.”

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