Angels Wear Lipstick: Based on a True Story by Amarissa Amber Cale

Angels Wear Lipstick: Based on a True Story by Amarissa Amber Cale
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Born to teen parents in 1964, Katie’s parents treated her like a showpiece – and a punching bag for her resentful mother. Her life revolved around flashing camera bulbs and tyrannical abuse by both her parents. When she was young, Katie was a wellbehaved and adorable little girl, but as she got older, she came to understand that hers was not a normal family. Despite suspicion surrounding what took place behind the Pryor’s closed doors, friends, family, and professionals alike remained silent.
Believing that Katie was not his child, her father did the unthinkable in an effort to gain the truth from his wife. Katie never would forgive her mother for her reaction to the molestation, even after her tormentor died in a horrific accident.
Leaving Leda to raise the young teen Katie alone, she became more resentful and violent toward her only child. Katie becomes what would be termed a ‘problem child’ and runs away from home to make her way on the streets of Toronto. Katie makes her way on her own and finds peace – until duty calls her home to care for an invalid mother.
Strong characters and the lifealtering events that follow them will keep you riveted to the very last word. Angels Wear Lipstick is the first of a twopart story. The second book will follow the struggles of Katie as she cares for her ailing mother. Both novels are stand alone, and can be read as separate stories.
"Very well, I will ask you straight out; how did Katie dislocate her shoulder? This injury is not typical of a fall from the height of a regular toddlers bed."
Leda was growing angrier by the minute. He was a doctor, and not here to judge her as a mother, or doubt her word.
"I have already told those nosy nurses. What more can I tell you about something I did not see? I was in bed, and Clark was working late. I was asleep when I heard Katie screaming from her room."
Leda was not going to...

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