The Squirrel Who Travelled the World: Illustrated by Laura by Sarah Hindmarsh

The Squirrel Who Travelled the World: Illustrated by Laura by Sarah Hindmarsh
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Jinx is a very special squirrel. He loves traveling and longs to find out what is at the other side of the ocean. One day it seems all his dreams could come true when a mysterious ship sails into the harbour near his home. Who are the mysterious sailors on the ship? And what will happen when Jinx meets them? Will he finally be able to find out what the lands over the sea are like? What an adventure that would be. We first met Jinx in 'The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon' when he saved Harvey from some owls. Now we find out what his life was like when he was young.
Beautifully illustrated by Laura Dewsnap, The Squirrel Who Travelled the World, is a lovely animal adventure story suitable for very young children as a bedtime story or for confident readers 5 years plus and most children 7 years plus to read alone. It has been written for children who love animals and children who love adventures and will appeal to both boys and girls.
'The Squirrel Who Travelled the World' is the first in the Animal Adventures series. Find fun fact sheets about the real animal species in the stories at the end of each book for an educational twist or simply enjoy the fun stories with subtle positive messages about family, friendship and helping each other. Visit the author's website to find out more about the animal characters in the book and find other resources for writers, children and educators alike.
Children will love the animal adventure series and what's more their parents will enjoy reading them as well. Whether your child is an aspiring adventurer, a budding biologist, an animal enthusiast or simply an avid reader with a fantastic imagination the Animal Adventures series, with its charming illustrations and simple but engaging prose, will hold their attention beautifully. Designed to inspire enthusiasm for both reading and animals these books are also ideal for reluctant readers and are able to hold the attention of older children who have...

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