The Wielder: Death Curse (part one) by David Gosnell

The Wielder: Death Curse (part one) by David Gosnell
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Now with revenge handed out against Maldgorath the Collector, Arthur MacInerny has pulled himself “out of the game” of being one of Earth’s protectors. He’s enjoying life and the most intimate talents of one particular succubus. Arthur doesn’t have a care at all.
That is, until he realizes he didn’t beat Maldgorath’s death curse. A curse that could potentially change him into some kind of unspeakable monster. A curse that is subverting his very nature.
Events plunge Arthur back into service as one of Earth’s protectors. Both with The Protectorate and as a double agent working with the hunted Dzemond, Ahtsag Znuul.
Unfortunately, the Dzemond found a way around the life for life lock to Earth’s realm. They’re coming and potentially in great numbers. Mankind is not quite ready fight back that kind of invasion or those kind of heartless conquerors.
This novel is part one of the Death Curse storyline and third in the series.

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