9 Incarnate: Caitlin Diggs Series 4 by Gary Starta

9 Incarnate: Caitlin Diggs Series 4 by Gary Starta
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Caitlin Diggs will have more to worry about than her on again and off again romance with her FBI superior when the goddess Isis appears in her mind. Is this a trick, or perhaps an evil entity linked to her psychic gift offered by the crystal? The crystal has offered Caitlin psychic gifts but also a strange connection to the Star of the Sea, or Isis. Even her cat Bastet seems to share in this linkage.
To make matters more complex, Diggs finds the Ennead has returned to Earth as promised. But are they here to share secrets of the pyramids or to take over? Murders and a mass demon disappearance coincide with their arrival to invite not only high strangeness but high suspicion.
Now Diggs must question if she is under the influence of gods, aliens, or a criminal concoction of both.
Because she can't fingerprint the 'gods', Diggs’ search for the truth will take her to an unparalleled journey she could never imagine. Time traveling to ancient Egypt may very well reveal the truth of our origins and Caitlin's true destiny with the crystal entity. But at what ultimate price?

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