Masters of Illusions (The Black Diamond Series Book 2) by D. Camille

Masters of Illusions (The Black Diamond Series Book 2) by D. Camille
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Sean Jackson is the...Assistant to Jordan Black at Black Diamond Holdings. Just what the assistance is that he provides is yet to be revealed. Sean is the epitome of the classic gentleman with a cool, relaxed demeanor on the outside a dangerous side within that is unrivaled. Sean becomes captivated by a curvaceous chocolate Goddess by the name of Lily Masters at their first encounter. What starts out as an innocent flirtation turns into a sensual love affair of mind and body.
Lily Masters is a painter by trade. After working in art galleries all over the world she moves to LA determined to stay one step ahead of the demons from her past. Because of the secrets she harbors, Lily knows that she cannot lose her heart to Sean. She refuses to endanger them both, but Lily soon finds out that Sean is six feet four inches of brilliance and kindness that she cannot resist. He is danger of a different kind and his warrior heart calls to the Goddess within her.
Determined to protect Lily at all costs, Sean utilizes his many talents as the Master of Illusions while taking Lily, along with their friends, into a world of seeing is believing. Lily and Sean discover that while they both have their secrets, the love they share transcends all boundaries. They vow that together they will dwell in their illusions and keep the secrets of each others' realities....

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