The Cure by Angelica Kate

The Cure by Angelica Kate
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Zoya Palseck was raised with all the conveniences her father’s vast fortune could purchase, but she was cursed to live without the love she desperately craved. Her mother was felled by a drunk driver when Zoya was but a child, and years later her father perished in a mysterious plane crash in South America. She has spent innumerable years shut off from the prying eyes of the world, hiding behind computers and the walls of her heavily secured home. When her father’s company is in jeopardy of being sold by an internal group seeking their own agenda, she assumes her rightful place and stops the mutiny in progress. That decision, along with a gift her father left for her kept hidden since his demise, will change her in ways she could never have imagined. The wild chase that ensues where everything she once held as truth will be revealed as a tangled web more dangerous than any she could conceive.
Jonathan Lange has served as Zoya’s bodyguard, legal counsel and guardian ad litem since her late father’s demise. He will do anything to safeguard her, help keep the secrets of her family and ensure the success of the Palseck family company, Viztec. Unfortunately, forces outside his control are out to right old wrongs, and Zoya is the last member of her family whose blood can provide vengeance and immortality of sorts. As a trail of bodies begin to stack up on Zoya’s doorstep, Jonathan will enlist the help of some shady security forces and any means necessary to stop those pursing Zoya. In the end the best weapon of all, will turn out to be Zoya herself and a secret “cure” that will change all the rules.

Just when you think you know how it will turn out, turn the page.

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