Blank by Matt Eaton

Blank by Matt Eaton
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No-one could have imagined there was worse to come.
Former Australian special forces soldier Stone Luckman never dreamed he could put his troubled past behind him.
In a search for survivors, Luckman rescues marooned surfer Mel Palace from a collapsing Gold Coast high rise. She tells him she’s been expecting him for weeks. Later, she claims she can read minds.
If his own insanity meter wasn’t off the register, he’d suspect she had a screw loose. But then lately he’s been having visions of an Aboriginal spirit man who is strangely connected to global events.
There are those who say the Earth has fallen victim to a terrible act of God. To China and America, however, it’s a declaration of war. Each accuses the other of being responsible.
The head of Australian defence intelligence sets Luckman a secret task aimed at ending the threat of war, but if it backfires he’ll be branded a terrorist and left on his own to take the rap.
Luckman is compelled to take Mel on the journey, though for the life of him he doesn’t know why.
He’s about to find out.

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