Kane's Cross: Witchfinder (Witchfinder 2) by E.M.G. Wixley

Kane's Cross: Witchfinder (Witchfinder 2) by E.M.G. Wixley
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Kane is battling posttraumatic stress disorder after experiencing the horrifying death of a friend whilst on tour of duty in Afghanistan. His mental state is fragile and he selfmedicates with alcohol. It’s whilst drinking that he meets Poppy, a young woman who resembles his sister who recently went missing under mysterious circumstances.
Oliver is a young archaeologist whose career is threatened by his numerous crippling phobias.
The three young people are drawn together as they struggle to unravel a mystery the world’s most powerful wish to keep secret.
Fear, illusion and reality mingle together until each person finds themselves on a precipice looking down. Will they have the courage and strength to fight their internal demons and become resourceful enough to combat the madness of their new world?
This book maybe read as a standalone.

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