PandalmoniA by Rachel Jane

PandalmoniA by Rachel Jane
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A magical time awaits the Kindling twins in Pandalmonia. A wondrous new life away from the hardships and brutal life of the orphanage and foster homes. The Kindling twins find their new home a mystical land filled with giant moles, fairies, dragons, eight foot tall Centremeads, a talking cat and a crazy ghost.
But danger lurks in Pandalmonia, the Darklands ruler wants to destroy every last one of the Kindling's.
The Kindling's must venture out on a deadly mission to save the shire and all its wonderful inhabitants. They travel to the mysterious Limestone Caverns where they come face to face with a formidable dragon and its keeper, a 600 year old witch.
With a lot of luck and just a little bit of trust, the Kindling clan will travel deep into the limestone caverns to face off against the wicked Darklands ruler who plans to raise the army of Immortals to destroy them.
But the Kindling's wont go alone on their deadly feat, they will go as a family, because that's what families do, they stick together through the good times and the bad. Families forgive one another and band together to face all of life's obstacles, even ones as dangerous as this.
Come and join the Kindling's on a magical fun filled adventure. Pandalmonia will make you laugh and cry and really make you wish you lived there. This is a wonderful story about the love and sacrifice of family, trust and standing up to face your enemies and bullies, as a family....

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PandalmoniA by Rachel Jane

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