Reflection In The Meadow A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel: by B. Groves

Reflection In The Meadow A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel: by B. Groves
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What would drive a young boy to make a deal with a demon?
A note from my beta reader: "The suspense at the end took my breathe away, and the outcome was so shocking I had to walk away for hours then come back and finish it. When books do that to me, I know they will be etched in my mind for a long, long time." Valerie Simmons
Four lives. One town. One evil. Will their fates collide?
Jessica WintersThe town of Leon’s Crossing has moved on 10 years later, except Jessica. Her soul still trapped inside the mirror. Her physical body weakening by the day as it rots away in a mental hospital. Can she escape the mirror once and for all? Can she find redemption? Or will all hope be lost?
Mark McKenzieThe former Sheriff of Leon’s Crossing has tirelessly searched for the mirror and the woman he loves for ten years. Can he free Jessica? Can he lift the curse that settled over the town, and the demon that rules over it?
Lucas SpringfieldA fourteenyearold boy who discovers the shocking reality of his once perfect family. He turns to the mirror for help. Will he do as the mirror says to piece his broken family back together?
Leon AveryThe founder of Leon’s Crossing has an insatiable appetite for gold. By chance, he meets up with The Spirit of the Mirror, and together they set up a town destined for greatness. However, the mirror has other plans when Leon falls in love with a woman who suspects there is more to the mirror than what Leon is telling her. The history of Leon’s Crossing and its founder are revealed in this second edition of a threepart series.
Recommended for adults ages 18 or older. This is not a stand alone novel. Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Supernatural, New Adult. Urban, Fantasy...

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