One Billion Tears by Belinda Bennett

One Billion Tears by Belinda Bennett
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Violet works at Burger World. Jake is a new billionaire. A week ago they were a couple. She's flipping burgers. He's rubbing shoulders with the jet set. Is she bitter? You bet!
What if the scumbag you took ten years to dump won a billion US dollars a week later?
In this intoxicating, fastpaced drama, that is exactly what happens to Violet Faith.
It was supposed to be a fresh start. After a decade of being used and abused by her loser of a boyfriend, Violet has finally had enough.
But a week after ending her tumultuous relationship with Jake Jordan, her brave new world is rocked by a bombshell... He has scooped a huge fortune in a multirollover lottery win with a ticket he bought online during a drinking binge.
As Violet tries to put the past behind her, it is hard not to feel bitter when every twist and turn in his glittering new life makes the headlines.
While he is living it up across the Pond, she's still working behind the counter at Burger World.
Will the few worthless possessions he left uncollected on her doorstep help her rise above anger and humiliation, or only serve to torture her? Will his celebrity status drive her to distraction?
It's every woman's worst nightmare.


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One Billion Tears by Belinda Bennett

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One Billion Tears by Belinda Bennett

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