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No Mercy: A Sgt Major Crane crime thriller and other stories by Wendy Cartmell

NEW BONUS EDITION includes the stories:No Mercy is a crime ever justified? Would you be merciful if it came to it? Or would you take your revenge? In 'No Mercy' Military Police Detective Tom Crane investigates a fire in which a man dies. Was it an accident or something more Afraid Now  Don't get mad, get even! One thing Army Police Detective Sgt Billy Williams has learned from his time in the British Army is respect. So he gets really mad when he sees a handful of kids treating his...

Who's Afraid Now: A Royal Military Police short story (Royal by Wendy Cartmell

Don't get mad get even! 
One thing SIB Detective Sgt Billy Williams has learned from his time in the British Army is respect. So he gets really mad when he sees a handful of kids treating his mum and dad and their neighbours without any. When he sees an opportunity of giving them a taste of their own medicine, well, he just can't resist the challenge. 
Can Billy help with his own brand of vigilante justice? Or do his family just have to make the best of word short story is the...

Rules of the Earth: A dark disturbing detective thriller (Crane by Wendy Cartmell

Two lost girls.
An out of control detective.
Is anyone safe?
Sgt Major Crane is out of the army, out of a job and definitely out of sorts. So when DCI Anderson throws him a lifeline, Crane grabs at it with both hands. A young girl has been found, dazed, bruised and mute. As Crane and Anderson try and find out what happened to her, another girl is found. But this time she’s dead…

Death Elements: A dark gripping detective thriller (Crane and by Wendy Cartmell

The papers call him the Choker. Crane and Anderson call him a sadomasochist. But whatever his name is, the Major Crimes team have to find him. And fast. Because time is running out. It won’t be long before he kills again.

Joint Judgement (An Emma Harrison Mystery Book 3) by Wendy Cartmell

A normal day at the Reading Young Offender's Institute doesn't stay that way for long. A new inmate attacks the doctor. Then someone murders the art teacher, Jack Walker. When an inmate holds the remaining teachers hostage and refuses to let the police investigate, Emma calls her boyfriend Sgt Billy Williams. Can Billy solve a murder, and stop anyone else meeting the same fate?......

Mortal Judgement (An Emma Harrison Mystery Book 2) by Wendy Cartmell

It’s a grim time at Reading Young Offenders prison. A young inmate commits suicide and Emma is at her wit’s end trying to figure out what’s going on when other young men become depressed and have suicidal thoughts. Can she convince her boss someone is praying on the young men in their care? When Emma’s frustration and anger boils over into her love life will her boyfriend Sgt Billy Williams be able to help her get through it? Or will she ruin their relationship forever? And will she...

Past Judgment (An Emma Harrison Mystery Book 1) by Wendy Cartmell

Emma Harrison has a problem, well several in fact.
Her boyfriend hates her doing her job of Assistant Governor at Reading Young Offenders prison and wants her to get a safe job in an office.
Inmate Leroy Carter has escaped from a prison van transporting him from Reading Prison to Dartmoor Prison.
Then there is the unexpected arrival of an old flame, Sgt Billy Williams from the Royal Military Police.
She thought her life couldn’t get any more chaotic but suddenly her mother...

Glass Cutter: A dark, disturbing, detective mystery. (Sgt Major by Wendy Cartmell

For those who enjoy the books of Sharon Bolton, Elizabeth Haynes and Rachel Abbott, Glass Cutter is a taut psychological suspense thriller, from the mystery, thriller and crime author Wendy Cartmell. Her Sgt Major Crane crime series of books are edgeoftheseat thrillers, dark, disturbing, police procedural, murder mysteries.
A hidden diary is the only clue that Matilda Underwood has ever lived in the house. As the new owner, Louise Marshall, reads the compelling words, Matilda quickly...

Cordon of Lies: A dark, disturbing, detective mystery. (Sgt by Wendy Cartmell

A gripping psychological thriller packed with suspense from the author of the 1 Amazon bestseller, Steps to Heaven.
Sometimes things are not what they seem to be... Are babies dolls or dolls babies? Is her dead husband's ghost really there? A dead baby found on the steps of the Aldershot Royal Garrison Church. An army widow obsessed with reborn dolls and her dead husband. A high profile drugs case. Things couldn't get more chaotic for Military Police Detective Tom Crane. Or so he thought....

Hijack: A dark, disturbing, detective mystery. (Sgt Major Crane by Wendy Cartmell

A pageturning terrorist thriller packed with suspense from the author of the 1 Amazon bestseller, Steps to Heaven.
Terrified and imprisoned on a train on a viaduct with a deathly 100' drop. Do the hostages have what it takes to stay alive? Or will the terrorists win?
When a mysterious group of cyclists board a train, one of them pulls the emergency cord and the train grinds to a halt on the Ribblehead Viaduct, a 100ft high structure with a deathly fall. The six hijackers are armed...

Steps to Heaven: A dark, disturbing, detective mystery (Sgt by Wendy Cartmell

Steps to Heaven the first Sgt Major Crane crime thriller
Love mysteries, crime thrillers and suspense novels? Then this is the British military mystery for you!
A dark twisted crime thriller.
Soldiers murdering their children
Then committing suicide
An SIB detective determined to stop the killings
A British Army soldier on Arborfield Garrison deliberately kills his wife, his 6 year old son and then himself. He cuts their throats and then his own. But this is not an isolated...



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