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Blog Page on the Author Website for Ian Thompson - writer of Thriller, Fantasy & Horror Novels. Get all the latest information on his writing, upcoming releases, special offers and more. Also links to Ian Thompson's Entertainment Blog.


Paradise Exhumed (Ray Hammett Thrillers Book 1) by Ian Thompson

Two reporters. A relentless killer. A desperate race to stop the slaughter.
From FiveStar Reviews:
“...a thriller... you can’t stop reading”
“I went back to Sherlock Holmes, this was awesome”
“The mystery combined with the action and murder made it something I couldn’t resist”
“...characters were interesting and real... full of twists and turns”
“...a fantastic whodunit thriller... Highly recommended”
“ absolutely awesome, intense...

Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins by Ian Thompson

A world facing annihilation. Epic battles and gritty action. Dark magic and horrendous monstrosities. Impossible odds. Defeat and despair.
From 5Star Reviews:
“...intense battles, incredible dark magic... so many twists and turns... I loved it”
“I was completely sucked in and captivated from the first page”
“...mixture of fantasy, mystery, loyalty that make it a one of a kind story”
“Wonderful characters and an even better story”
“Fast and furious paced...

God Of War by Ian Thompson

Horror of the Past. Terror of Today.
Roman greed and ambition created something almost two millennia ago. That creation still lives – starving, lusting for blood, eager to inflict suffering and carnage...
From 5Star Reviews for Ian Thompson:
“...extremely well written and very dark... Highly recommended.”
“I was completely sucked in and captivated from the first page”
“Wonderful characters and an even better story”
“I was impressed by the quality of the...

Era Of Darkness: Volume II: Extinction by Ian Thompson

The War of Emeran reaches its devastating conclusion. With hundreds of thousands of demons and abominations besieging Tremok, the city’s defences begin to crumble. Far to the north, a desperate mission takes a terrible twist. Hopes dwindle and extinction looms. Can anything stop the relentless and seemingly infinite demon hordes..?
In Era Of Darkness Volume II, the Human city of Tremok becomes the target for every demon warrior. The Demon Masters know that once Tremok falls, all hope is...

Short Horror Tales - Book Bundle 1 (Short Horror Tales - Book by Ian Thompson

Supersaving Short Horror Bundle...
GLANCING BLOW: Late at night, a man drives through a hellish storm on a dark, secluded forest road. When a creature lunges out in front of his car, he strikes it a glancing blow... Resulting in a nerveshredding drama of pursuit, violence and suffering as his unintentional victim seeks revenge. Can he survive this grotesque beast?
HOOKER: Beauty can be only skin deep. Horror can go right through to the bone. Nigel Fawson is down on his luck he's lost...

Short Horror Tales - Book Bundle 2 (Short Horror Tales - Book by Ian Thompson

Supersaving Short Horror Bundle...
IGNITION SOURCE: Late at night, at a huge warehouse, a disabled security guard expects another boring, routine shift of work. He is utterly unprepared for the horror and terror he will have to endure. First there are intruders, then a raging fire, horrific murders... and a monstrous secret that is both alive and utterly lethal. In the face of a challenge which makes him doubt his sanity, can he survive..?
HOUSE OF MY DREAMS: Sometimes the worst...

Short Horror Tales - Book Bundle 3 (Short Horror Tales - Book by Ian Thompson

The third supersaving Short Horror Bundle...
KILL HIM, SLOWLY: Mr Slowly is a deadly, ruthless hit man. He never fails in an assignment never fails to kill his target. His new job is to kill Joshua J. Woods, a millionaire who lives in a secluded mansion. Woods has security measures including teams of guards and trained dogs... but Mr Slowly doesn't see these as an obstacle. One problem the assassin couldn't foresee is that Woods isn't human. He's a supernatural horror, surrounded by his...

Hector Reborn: Volume I: Death & Life by Ian Thompson

Prince Hector, the greatest defending warrior in the epic Trojan War, is brutally slain by his nemesis Achilles... And finds himself reborn in an astounding new realm.
Traumatized by separation from his family, nation and world, Hector finds it hard to accept the prospect of a new life. His rigid codes of honor and loyalty make him feel as if he has abandoned his warravaged home. The beautiful Elsha of the Nemalite people, introduces him to an Elysium of kindness, harmony and magic, where...

Era Of Darkness: Complete Book Bundle by Ian Thompson

Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins
Hatred, distrust and conflict divide the nations of the world of Emeran – at a time when an apocalyptic threat is rising.
Hordes of demonic warriors swarm from beyond the great Wall of Light. They crush opposing armies. They eradicate towns and villages. They have already slaughtered the Unseen Gods... This is an invasion like no other. Their purpose is not to expand their territory, to instil their doctrines on other people or to plunder the riches of...

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