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Love, Death & Cake in the 17th Century


A Wilderness of Sin (An Uncivil War Book 3) by M J Logue

June 1645.
After their rout at the battle of Naseby in Northamptonshire, King Charles' forces are in disarray, their last hope the loyal hardcore in the West of England.
Colonel Hollie Babbitt, following the Army of Parliament westwards, has a degree of sympathy for His Majesty. His own troop of rebels, Anabaptists and horse thieves is in almost perpetual disarray....
But with the creation of the New Model Army, Hollie is being forced to make his own last stand, as a spokesman...

Command the Raven (An Uncivil War Book 2) by M J Logue

February 1643, the beginning of the English Civil War and for once Captain Hollie Babbitt thinks his luck's turned. After a typically daredevil assault on Prince Rupert's elite cavalry troop, he's presently in favour with the Army of Parliament's commander. He's also personally in favour with Luce Pettitt's fragrant Auntie Het. And although they haven't managed to break Luce of the poeting habit, he's turning into a competent and capable officer. But what seems on the surface to be a minor...

The Smoke of Her Burning (An Uncivil War Book 4) by M J Logue

"I hope there's a good explanation for this, Colonel Babbitt," Fairfax said, with a sigh.
"No," said Hollie honestly, "but there is an explanation."
There's a lot of miles between Essex and Cheshire....
...and newlypromoted Colonel Hollie Babbitt is cursing the most recent additions to his company, for every step of them.
A scarred lieutenant with a death wish, and they don't call him Hapless for nothing.
Captain Drew Venning. And his dog.
Captain Penitence Chedglow,...

Red Horse:1642 (An Uncivil War) by M. J. Logue

Summer 1642
As the simmering feud between Charles I and his Parliament erupts into war, Captain Hollie Babbitt sets foot on English soil for the first time in twenty years…
An erraticallybrilliant mercenary career in Europe lost him everything, and now he fights because it’s the only thing he still knows how to do and in the hope of one day finding peace on the point of another man’s sword.
He needs an idealistic young subaltern who wants to save the world, and a...

Babylon's Downfall: An Uncivil War Adventure by M.J. Logue

Yorkshire, 1644
Colonel Hollie Babbitt’s never been conventional. Never had to be. But it's time he grew up and went respectable: a coming man with a wife and family, enjoying the favour of the CommanderinChief of the Army of Parliament, his future seems assured – if he keeps his head down.
But the rebel rabble won't let him. Worse; they seem determined to bring every disapproving eye in the Army their way.
Following a humiliating defeat at the siege of Lathom House, Hollie...

Entertaining Angels: A Christmas Novella by M. J. Logue

Winter, 1660.
Retired from the Army after twenty years of service, Major Thankful Russell's whole life till now has been made up of war and intelligence. And now in peacetime, he suspects no more war and, on current showing, precious little intelligence.
The idea of spending Christmas surrounded by drunkenness and debauchery at His Majesty's court is more than he can bear and so he begs leave, to spend a quiet...

An Imperfect Enjoyment by M. J. Logue

London, 1665
Roundhead's twentyyearold daughter, Thomazine Babbitt finally gets her fairy tale romance although her idea of a handsome prince is a little unconventional…
He is the scarred, middleaged and slightlybroken Admiralty intelligencer and diplomat Major Thankful Russell; her childhood hero. Russell, however, always considered himself more frog than ‘prince charming’…
But as war with the Dutch looms and tensions run high in the streets of London, the passionate...

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