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Blog To Thine Own Self, Be True

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Every author has their own unique writing style. A blog describing my own personal style, and why I write the way I do.


Province of a Thief (Tal'Avern Chronicles Book 1) by Scott Borgman

For as long as she can remember, Jaelyth has been a thief. And she's good. But when a successful job suddenly turns sour, the thief finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of events that forces her to flee the only city she's ever known in a desperate search for answers. Even the shadows that have always been her greatest ally will not help her. They hold the greatest danger of all.
Along with an unlikely group of allies, the search for answers will take them from the only city Jaelyth has...

Darkness and Dragons (Tal'Avern Chronicles Book 2) by Scott Borgman

The world of Tal’Avern is in turmoil. In the northern part of the Province, an open rebellion has raged for more than two years against Queen Salia, which began shortly after she assumed the throne. To the west, in the lands of Mar’Druk, the dwarves stay isolated within their mountain cities, wanting nothing to do with the problems that plague their onceclose allies. And to the south, in the hot and desolate lands known as the Ashlands, something stirs and looks to the north with...

Through Trials and Towers (Tal'Avern Chronicles Book 3) by Scott Borgman

As the harsh winter ends, Tal'Avern is on the brink of war. The great wall that stretched across the southern border of the Province has been destroyed and is engulfed in flames, but the fires won't burn for long. When they go out, the waiting hordes of goblins and Slaath will sweep up from the Ashlands and into the Province unchallenged. In the lands of Mar'Druk, the dwarves will be facing a relentless foe against the combined might of the united clans of orcs.
What chance does the world...

The Exiled (The Exiled Trilogy Book 1) by Scott Borgman

David doesn’t believe in angels or the devil. But when he becomes hunted by one and the other saves his life, he realizes his beliefs don't matter. Lucifer wants the key to his prison - and he'll stop at nothing to get it. The only thing standing in his way is Celeste, the exiled angel sworn to protect David. She knows her duty, but she's also attracted to David like a moth to a flame. That could be a problem, because angel Law strictly forbids any kind of intimate relationships with humans.

The Exiled: Continuation (The Exiled Trilogy Book 2) by Scott Borgman

Kaly is a normal 23 year old, in her last year of college. Or so she always believed. But when she becomes the target in Lucifer's newest attempt to escape his prison, the veil is lifted once more as Kaly discovers that some monsters are real, they're coming for her, and that her parents have secrets - she's one of them.

The Exiled: Infinity (The Exiled Trilogy Book 3) by Scott Borgman

He plotted and planned. Gathered his strength. Deceived the deceiver. For ages, his moves on the game board have been small. Insignificant. Ignored. Now, with all of his pieces in position, he’s unleashing his fury – upon them all. The game draws to a close, and can only end one way: the stunning conclusion to The Exiled Trilogy that will last for Infinity.

The Exiled Trilogy: Collector's Edition by Scott Borgman

Bundling all three books into one volume to tell the complete story, The Exiled Trilogy: Collector's Edition is a Paranormal Romance that weaves an action-packed tale of honor, duty, deception, betrayal, desire, and love... while taking a hard, emotional look at humanity. It was meant to be written. Destined to be told. Even fiction has truth within it.

Angel: The Mithista Incident by Scott Borgman

Dani Taylor has a typical, normal life. But that's all about to change. A deadly alien. A shadowy organization that shoots first and asks questions later. One friend with a secret of her own, and another who wants more than just her friendship. No one ever said being a superhero was going to be easy.

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