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Tears in the Fabric of Time by Stuart G. Yates

Inspector ‘Tiny’ Tears is ready for retirement when the most unusual case of his career lands on his desk. A young girl, chased through a network of sewers, sits in the interview room while the uniformed man who followed her lies dead, cut in half by a truck.
The unusual part? The dead man is not human. After Ana escapes from custody, Tears pursues her and steps out into a world that is at once similar to ours, but horrifyingly different in a number of ways.
After Tiny and Ana come...

Varangian (Byzantine Histories) by Stuart G. Yates

In the middle part of the Eleventh century, the Byzantine Empire dominated the world. The surviving part of the old Roman Empire, its position as the greatest know civilisation remained undisputed. Within the walls of its great capital city, Constantinople, treachery, debauchery and power politics dominated the lives of the rulling elite, as it had in the glory days of Rome.
Thrust inside this heady mix, the Viking adventurer Harald Hardrada struggles to survive. A new emperor, the...

Varangian - King of the Norse by Stuart G. Yates

The mad Emperor Michael V now deposed, blinded and banished, and Zoe restored to Constantinople, Hardrada turns his attentions to his destiny ‒ to Norway and his desire to be its king.
General Maniakes has different ideas. His schemes and plots continue, using Hardrada as an instrument of death and betrayal. But others seek the same end ‒ to rule Byzantium.
Bishops lie, soldiers fight, assassins stalk the streets, and lovers lament … and all lose their lives. Hardrada needs his...

Burnt Offerings (A Paul Chaise Adventure Book 1) by Stuart G Yates

Burnt Offerings sets the southern coast of Spain alight as drugdealing gangsters deliver murder and mayhem to all who cross them.
"With Burnt Offerings Stuart G Yates has produced a fastpaced, exciting action novel that will have readers turning pages."—Nick Sweet, Author of Flowers At Midnight.
"A spellbinding, contemporary tale that will keep you breathless from the first page to the last. 'BurnOfferings' is...

Whipped Up (Paul Chaise Book 2) by Stuart G. Yates

Paul Chaise, exSBS, is trying to leave his old life behind but his old ‘employers’ have other ideas. Returning home from Spain, he just wants to find his girlfriend, live a quiet life ‒ and forget. A job selling property in Suffolk seems to offer the perfect escape route until he becomes involved with a client’s problems and everything spirals out of control. Some particularly nasty Eastern European gangsters want to take over the running of the client’s houses and use them as...

Roadkill by Stuart G. Yates

"A gripping tale of good and evil that offers a disturbing  insight into the sometimes horrifying capabilities of the human mind. If that doesn't keep you awake at night, remember this the Beast is still out there!"Karina Gioertz (Author of Blood Bound: A Thriller Novel)
A beast stalks the bleak and barren moorland. It is an unknown thing, a creature from the darkest, most terrifying of...

Unflinching: A Western by Stuart G. Yates

In the brutal, unforgiving West a dozen years after the California Gold Rush, a lone Pinkerton detective is on the trail of two vicious killers.
When a famous exgeneral's daughter is kidnapped, Detective Simms is assigned with bringing her home. Forged in the Mexican War, this man of steel knows how to survive and how to kill. But he will need all of his skill and guile if he is to survive this unforgiving land, and bring the general's daughter home.
And then, it gets personal.........

Minus Life by Stuart G. Yates

What will we do when our home planet has had enough?
The world is dying. In the face of soaring pollution, overpopulation and rising sea level, the ruling elite comes up with a bold, yet terrible plan. When the mastermind behind it backs away and hides the ingenious scheme from the world, his life is suddenly threatened from the most unexpected quarter.
Detective Bremen is tired. He's seen it all and he's sick of life, his own and the world’s. The only good thing is his son, Petie....

Varangian - Origins by Stuart G. Yates

Sailing north after escaping the clutches of the Byzantime Empress Zoe, Harold Hardrada intends to claim his inheritance ‒ Norway's crown. Danger has followed him like a close friend and on the arduous journey home, he reflects on his life of adventure, tragedy and war and joining the elite Varangian Guard. His wits and battle skills have served him well but will they be enough? The soured love of an empress may be his undoing – Zoe wants him dead.......

In The Blood (Unflinching Book 2) by Stuart G. Yates

Detective Simms has another mission to complete.
Less than a year after crossing the unchartered Territories of the Old West in pursuit of vicious killers, Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency receives orders for another mission. The fledgling railroads are cutting through the endless plains and desperadoes are taking advantage. The Pinkertons are charged with protecting the trains and the money they hold, but someone knows how much this is, and that someone has to be...

Splintered Ice by Stuart G. Yates

Jed is lost in suffering after his mother walks out on him and his mother. After he saves a man from drowning in the local park, a series of dangerous and confusing events is set in motion.
Love, fear, hate, violence. Who can he trust, and who does he really know? This journey only has one destination.
Splintered Ice is an intriguing story of suspense, mystery and horror, where the unexpected abounds in a twisted series of related incidents guaranteed to keep the pages turning long...

Sallowed Blood by Stuart G. Yates

In the dark corners of a castle deep in the Bavarian Alps, a secret awaits Daniel Stone. After inheriting the castle from his grandmother, Daniel and his father travel to Bavaria.
They soon notice a dark presence in the old stronghold: strange noises are echoing from the depths beneath the castle, and someone or something seems to be be following their every move.
After things spiral out of control, Daniel and his father receive unexpected help from an old relative, who tells them of...

To Die in Glory (Unflinching Book 3) by Stuart G. Yates

Three men ride into the town of Glory and by the look of them, they are not coming to enjoy themselves.
Their meeting with the local sheriff can only have one outcome, and as the sheriff lies gunned down after an orgy of violence, the town is plunged into a nightmare of uncertainty and fear. What do the outlaws want, and why did they ruthlessly murder the sheriff?
Meanwhile, things are not going too well for Detective Simms. Having found love only to have it cruelly snatched away from...

A Reckoning (Unflinching Book 4) by Stuart G. Yates

Nightmares are hard to forget especially when they're in the shape of a vengeful woman hellbent on killing the man she believes wronged her.
That man just happens to be Detective Simms, of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Investigating a clutch of brutal murders, Simms finds himself in a lifeanddeath struggle with a bunch of desperadoes, numerous Indians, a gunfighter and a doublecrossing U.S. Marshall by the name of Dixon.

This is not going to be the easiest period of his life,...

Blood Rise (Unflinching Book 5) by Stuart G. Yates

Helping a Federal agent track down the killers of a US Senator should be a simple case for someone as determined and experienced as Pinkerton Detective Simms, but shadowing him is someone far more dangerous and deadly than mere hired murderers.
Across the unforgiving Territories comes a spectre of death, and once again Simms finds himself in a struggle for survival against an old enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal the death of Detective Simms.......

Lament For Darley Dene by Stuart G. Yates

Based on true events.
Following the Second World War, young Ben uncovers a bizarre tale. In the 1941 Blitz, soldiers died right where his playground is now. As the dreadful events of the past slowly unfold, Ben finds himself embroiled in a series of strange, inexplicable incidents, as old secrets and longhidden truths slowly reveal themselves.
This is a story of selfdiscovery and of overcoming fear, for what is buried beneath the ground is truly chilling. Ben is about to discover his...

A Broken Life by Stuart G. Yates

After an enforced move across country, Steve is suspicious of the elderly neighbour, Knills, singular friendliness and involvement in the move.
The present tangles with the past as secrets are revealed, old and new jealousies surface when Steve’s wife and Knills’ intimidating manservant embark on a torrid affair. But when Knill’s brother and Steve’s mistress are found murdered and more bodies mount up, Steve becomes the prime suspect. Desperate for answers, he forces Knills to...

The Pawnbroker by Stuart G. Yates

In the narrow, twisting streets of this decaying 19th century city, the murders of two boys shock the locals. With poverty rife, life for many is a battle to keep hunger away and merely survive from day to day.
In this squalor of danger and death, The Pawnbroker plies his trade. A man of evil temper, he craves the one thing that will bring him the fulfillment he covets.
In the present day, two teenage boys explore an abandoned Tudorstyle house. As the eerie atmosphere fills the boys...

The Tide of Terror by Stuart G. Yates

A telephone call to the local veterinarian's office breaks the peace of Alderney Island. After several reports of injured animals in rapid succession, Jenny sets out to examine what might be causing the injuries.
Later the same night, she's roused from her sleep by a strange, intermittent sound and an unnerving chill in the air. Something unnatural is lurking in the shadows, causing her stomach to churn with fear. But what connects the mysterious attacks, the ghastly remains of a...

The Sandman Cometh by Stuart G. Yates

In a cold future, Simeon Allis struggles with an existence he doesn't understand. Every decision is made for him, and his loved ones no longer have a place in the world. The State provides everything, and the Sandmen ensure conformity.
Hideous inventions, the Sandmen ensure citizens' obedience in the clinical world in which Simeon lives his lonely, controlled life.
But he is different than the others... for he has memories.
One terrible night, lost in the deserted streets of the...

Ogre's Lament: The Story of Don Luis by Stuart G. Yates

Spain, 1648. Fifteenyearold Luis is different than everyone else in the small, sweltering village of Riodelgado because he can read.
Targeted by the local toughs, who make his life a misery, Luis works tirelessly to provide for his ailing mother and young sister. Then, one day, a wandering soldier arrives to the village and everything changes.
People are murdered. Children disappear. The mayor blames an ogre, and the soldier has evidence of the hideous creature. He demands it be...

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