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She is an author, as well as, Founder and Lead Investigator of Seeking Answers Paranormal (SAP_TN). She also enjoys reading, music, the television show Criminal Minds, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves animals and has several of her own. She hopes one day to own and operate a shelter for abused and neglected animals. Marie lives in Tennessee. You can find her other books on, Kindle, Nook, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble.


One Great Love by Marie Tayse

They had a history together but time had changed things. Life happened. I do's were said. Babies were born. Years passed. He never moved on. He never gave up on one day getting a second chance. He could never love another as he had loved her.
They had just met. How could he love her enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her? It was crazy but it felt so right.
She was older and had been married before, but none of that mattered to him. She was everything he had ever wanted...

The Monster Within by Marie Tayse

Coralee thought she had met the man of her dreams, but then Matt began to change. Now, as she fears for the safety of herself and her children, she meets Chris. Matt, however, has told her she will never be with another man.......

The Protector by Marie Tayse

Aleta is still heartbroken over her divorce. She seems like an easy target for a killer, but he doesn't know a ghost from his past is trying to warn her before it's too late.
She feels as though someone is always watching, but who is it?
Now her exhusband, the new man in her life, and her neighbor are determined to keep her safe but it may all come down to her.......

A Walk into the Unknown by Marie Tayse

You hear someone call your name when you are alone in the house. You find muddy footprints in your home after returning from shopping and no one has been there while you were gone. You have the same horrifying nightmare night after night. You see dark shadows out the corner of your eye. You have a dream about something happening, and then a week later it actually occurs. Someone gets on a train and seemingly disappears into thin air. Your dog is always growling at something no one can see...

Meet Miracle (The Adventures of Miracle Book 1) by Marie Tayse

Miracle was born into a litter of eleven. He was the runt and always had to compete for food and affection from his mother. Then one day a kind and gentle hand reached into the box and rescued him. From then on, he was loved and cared for by the lady and her family.
Miracle grew into a healthy, rambunctious house cat. These are his adventures. Read about when he met two new family members, encountered a horrifying monster, and learned there is such a thing as being too curious.......

The Greatest Gift by Marie Tayse

He has autism and she has never felt good enough. Together they set out on a daring adventure where they discover unconditional love in the most surprising of places.......

One Big Furry Family (The Adventures of Miracle Book 2) by Marie Tayse

In book 1, you got to know Miracle and how he was rescued. You met Penny, Sparky, Bitsy, Shadow, and Blackberry. You followed along as they came facetoface with a horrible monster, read about the day Miracle was too curious, and met the two newest members of the family.
Now, they're back to share more adventures with you. In this volume you'll hear about the creature of the night and the time Miracle escaped. You'll also meet other members of the family along the way.
Join Miracle...

Furry Holidays (The Adventures of Miracle Book 3) by Marie Tayse

Miracle has come a long way from the tiny, sixweekold kitten that more closely resembled a newborn. Since then he has had numerous adventures with Penny, Sparky, Shadow, and the rest of his furry family.
In this volume of The Adventures of Miracle, the family gives you a look into their lives during the holidays. It is hoped that you enjoy this volume. Stay tuned for more Adventures of Miracle books to come.......

The First Case (Colt Investigations Book 1) by Marie Tayse

A teen who takes on the emotions of those around him. A child that sees visions of events to come. A loving, devoted father and husband who seems to become a totally different person overnight. An older brother who knows something is not quite right at home. An elderly neighbor that sees shadow figures in the windows of the house next door. A best friend who is convinced a demonic entity is responsible for nearly all of the events.

From the street no one can see the horrors...

Laid To Rest (Colt Investigations Book 3) by Marie Tayse

Unlike his brothers, Donnie doesn’t have any unique abilities but that doesn’t stop him from helping people who contact Colt Investigations in hopes of a resolution to what is oftentimes an unseen problem. But how will he react when the supernatural literally comes knocking at his door?

Kristy wants nothing more than to move her three year old daughter away from the dad who refuses to acknowledge her existence. So with her own father’s help, she finds an apartment in...


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