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Worldship Praxis by JD Lovil

Existence has a billion faces, each one a universe coexisting with our own.
In one such universe, disaster has struck the Earth.
A hard existence will harden some people's resolve.A few Problem Solvers saw that the survival of Mankind depended on getting off of the planet. A group of them took humanity first into orbit, and then on to the stars.
We follow the great Worldship Praxis as it flies silently through the darkness between the stars on its mission. Jack Sadow is the...

Shadow of Worlds by JD Lovil

Walk the Shadow of Worlds
Rafe is one of the few who can walk the spaces between parallel Earths.
Gods and master sorcerers are counted among the other Shadow Walkers.
Anything one can imagine can be found among the worlds. There are worlds of shining Order, and worlds of Stygian darkness where Chaos />
From the darkest world of Chaos comes the Scourge. Where it touches the worlds of Man, it brings disease, madness, and death.
It falls to Rafe and the other Shadow Walkers to...

Vanguard of Man by JD Lovil

Would You Sacrifice Your Humanity?
Dying of the Metaflu, Eric did. He volunteered for the Vanguard program. The Program changed him, and made him stronger, faster, smarter, and nearly indestructible. He became Enki of the Vanguard.
A desperate Humanity created the Vanguard to be the immortal crews of Ark ships fleeing a dying Earth, hoping to seed Mankind among the stars.
Sexless, independent, and intelligent beyond measure, Enki's bonds with humanity grow weaker over the />

Jigsaw World by JD Lovil

In some worlds, there are monsters behind every catastrophe.Tom lives in one of those worlds, and he is blessed, or cursed, to be able to see the monsters. He learns that the world is not supposed to be that way, and it is a symptom of the breakdown of Reality.
Sometimes, the world drafts you to save it. ˃˃˃ Tom realizes that he and the people he gathers in his travels are supposed to fix the world. He doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t know why, but the fates are conspiring to...

Whacking Happiness: A How-To Guide by JD Lovil

Are you sitting on the couch, wondering why you are not happy?
Are you ready to change your life?
There is a way that you can get out of your rut, and actually start feeling happy for a change.
It will not be as easy as watching television, but it will be a lot more fun!
Get a copy of this book, and read it.
Follow the steps as shown in the book.
Become Happy.
Finding Happiness is a process. Lose yourself in the process.
Buy a copy ofWhacking Happiness today. and get...

Unknown Visitors by JD Lovil

Have you seen a flying saucer?Have you ever wondered what they come here for?I used to think that only odd people saw UFOs, but I have changed my mind.

˃˃˃ People from all walks of life have reported them! They cannot all be wrong.Why do all of the aliens reported appear humanoid? What do they want? Will they save us?
˃˃˃ This is an attempt to answer those questions, or at least to ask the questions more usefully.Learn the answers to these burning questions toda...

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Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You Game?
By taking our 2 minute personality test we will determine which witch best suits your character. Are you cute and innocent like Sabrina, motherly like Samantha, as sensual as Phoebe or as cunning and mean as Endora. Play Now

Christmas Movie Quiz

Christmas Movie Quiz

Christmas Movie Quiz
Can you correctly name these Christmas movies just from an image taken from the film, there is ten in all lets see how well you do. Play Now