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News and views from the characters who inhabit the Bernie Fazakerley novels.


Two Little Dickie Birds: A Bernie Fazakerley mystery by Judy Ford

A body in the river is all in a day’s work for Detective Inspector Peter Johns and his Sergeant, Paul Godwin. But things start to become more personal when Paul recognises their key witness as a close childhood friend and Peter’s son is detained for suspected child abduction. Peter and Paul discover that they have more in common than they realised and it becomes difficult to keep work and family life separated.
Meanwhile – what of the body in the river? It looks like suicide. But...

AWAYDAY: Which don did it? by Judy Ford

When the bursar of Lichfield College is found strangled in an Oxford hotel, Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Porter rapidly concludes that the killer is one of the nine college staff attending a meeting there, but who is the most likely suspect? Is it mathematics fellow, Tom Carrington, who found the body? Or was it the Master, who was the last to see him alive? Was the bursar blackmailing one of his colleagues? Or could it be a crime of passion committed by his former mistress?
As the...

Changing Scenes of Life: A story of hope and intrigue by Judy Ford

Detective Chief Inspector Jonah Porter is a hero: his life was changed forever when he was paralysed by a gunshot from an unknown assailant but, against the odds, he has succeeded in resuming his career in the Police Service. To the outside world he appears confident and capable, almost unaffected by his disability. Young TV researcher, Bethan Abbott, interviews him about his life for a religious programme aimed at inspiring viewers with a story of achievement through adversity. She is...

Despise not thy Mother: A widow's quest for truth by Judy Ford

When Detective Superintendent Richard Paige is killed while pursuing a suspect, his pregnant wife, Bernie, is determined to find out more about his background for the sake of their unborn child. His mother, Eleanor, is strangely reluctant to speak about Richard’s early life and Bernie becomes suspicious that there may be some dark secret in his childhood.
With the help of two of Richard’s police colleagues, she starts to piece together the story of his life. A childhood sweetheart and...

Murder of a Martian: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery by Judy Ford

Seven friends decide to band together to campaign to save the environment. They call themselves the Martians, because, as everyone knows, Martians are green! Over the years, they go their separate ways and some of them seem to have forgotten their early ideals. Then, out of the blue, one of their number is murdered: struck down by an unknown assailant. Another of the group comes under suspicion and yet a third member is implicated.
Did geology tutor Martin Riess kill his journalist friend...

Death on the Algarve: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery by Judy Ford

What could be more pleasant than a short break on the Algarve with a group of friends? But, when the wheelchair on which he depends is damaged in flight, DCI Jonah Porter wishes that he had never come. Relationships are stretched to breaking point as his frustrations mount. Then a guest falls from the balcony of a neighbouring apartment and foul play is suspected. With a puzzling case to solve, Jonah is back in his element. Who could have wanted to kill a popular familyman who makes friends...

My Life of Crime: The collected memoirs of Detective Inspector by Judy Ford

Peter Johns grew up in a children’s home. On leaving school, he entered the police force. A chance encounter led to his transfer to CID, after which he began slow but steady progress up the promotion ladder to Detective Inspector.
Reaching the heights of Detective Sergeant gave him the courage to propose to the love of his life, Jamaican nurse Angie Wheeler. Their long and happy marriage was blessed with two children: Hannah, who followed her mother into nursing, and Edward, who chose a...

Sorrowful Mystery: Mothers and Daughters by Judy Ford

Three young mothers take their infants to an Oxford park, but only two of the babies return home.
When sixweekold Abigail goes missing from her pram, the race is on to find her before she comes to harm. Who would want to steal a baby girl? And why? Are other children in danger? Is Abigail’s distraught mother as innocent as she appears? DCI Jonah Porter has a tough assignment to find little Abigail and reassure Oxford mothers that their families are safe.......

Mystery over the Mersey: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery by Judy Ford

Exiled Liverpudlian, Bernie Fazakerley, makes a sentimental journey back to her home city to visit relatives and to take her daughter, Lucy, back to their roots. Before long, events take a sinister turn when they are witnesses to a murder aboard the famous Mersey Ferry. Then the killer strikes again, and the race is on to make an arrest before more lives are lost. Who could have wanted to kill a young Roman Catholic priest? And is Bernie’s own life under threat?......

Grave Offence: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery by Judy Ford

The police are reluctant to believe young Lucy Paige when she tells them that she saw two men chasing a woman across a field. They suspect her of inventing a mysterious stranger, who hit her and then ran away, in order to protect her friend, Martin, from accusations of child abuse and assault. But they have to reassess her story, when a woman’s body is found a few days later and Lucy recognises it as her attacker. Who is the corpse in the graveyard? Why was she running away? And who were...

In my Liverpool Home: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery by Judy Ford

Bernie’s Aunty Dot is worried that her favourite member of staff at the Care Home where she lives is being unfairly suspected of murdering another of the residents. She calls on their good friend DCI Jonah Porter to investigate. He discovers that Care Assistant, Jonathan Bates, is by no means the only person with a motive for killing Olive Carter – or, for that matter, the only person with means and opportunity to do so. It’s a tough case, and Jonah decides that he needs to go...

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