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Alone: Spared : Survivors of the Apocalypse by Graham Toseland

No power. No internet. No phones. No clue what has happened and worst of all, no people.
The few survivors are alone, stuck in a world where everything they have come to rely on is taken away in the blink of an eye.
Gary, the businessman, in a second chance relationship, trapped with no transport 150 miles from his new partner and desperate to find her.
Emily, her gap year ripped away from her when the power goes out while she sits at the airport alone. Scared and confused, but...

Together: Spared : Survivors of the Apocalypse by Graham Toseland

The world looks the same as it ever was but is changed forever.
Having found each other, the tiny group of survivors must stick together as they head towards the coast. Gary, driven by his desire to find Anna and driven to distraction by the necessarily slow pace, pushes the group onward. Danger on the road is just around the corner but the group also need to battle their own fears and the vagaries of the weather to reach their goal.
Unknown to them, an ancient force, revived by the...

The Camp: Spared : Survivors of the Apocalypse by Graham Toseland

A chance to rest and take a breather after cataclysmic events on their arrival at the end of their immediate journey. The group must decide whether to stay together or to go their own separate ways. In the meantime a supplies trip to the nearest large town brings a danger from the recent past back to the present and death stalks the group again just as relationships between members of the group take root and begin to blossom.

Horsemen: Spared : Survivors of the Apocalypse by Graham Toseland

Bloodied and bruised, the group abandons the camp and heads to Norwich looking for a place of safety and supplies. An ancient enemy is finally defeated on the trip but is all as it seems?. New people join the group on the way and from the city itself. Stephen and Angela as forward scouts face their own perils as extreme weather brings the journey to a grinding halt and a simple scrounging trip courts disaster. Arrival in the city brings relief and a chance to rid themselves of the dangers...

Madness : Spared - Surviving The Apocalypse Book Five by Graham Toseland

After six months at the stadium the survivors have built up enough supplies to make a permanent home there. In that time just two newcomers have joined them. For the rest of the time…nothing. No danger. No threats…nothing.
Helen should have been relaxed but something still bugged her. She couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that the group were not out of the woods yet.
Old threats haunt her dreams.
Chilling news about a group in a neighbouring town and a visit from one of...

Clifftop Rendezvous An Upton-on-Sea Second Chance Romance by Adrienne Clare

Jody and Nick are both ready to start the next chapter in their lives. Jody, at last liberated from a drunken exhusband and determined to succeed in both her florist business and now in love. Nick having finally come to terms with a tragedy that stopped his life in its tracks has moved to the town in the hope that a new home could herald a new start.
The cliffs above UptononSea are open and windswept, perfect territory for lonely contemplation of life’s all too tricky twists and turns...

August Bowditch and the Zombie Apocalypse Book One by Graham Toseland

Imagine how difficult it must be for a paraplegic, brain damaged, mildly epileptic, twenty four year old man whose crazy parents lumbered him with the name August, to battle his way through life.
Now imagine that he is trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
However, he is no ordinary paraplegic, brain damaged, mildly epileptic, twenty four year old because when he has a seizure, his whole world changes.
He doesn’t know if he is transported across time and space to an alternative...

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Christmas Movie Quiz

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