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Vital Mistake by Misty Dawn Bratcher

"Either do as I say or she’ll suffer a slow painful death.” He spat, holding the knife firmly against Lilly’s neck.
“Help me daddy, please help me.” She cries, reaching out for me, as tears stream down her frail battered face. .
No, please don’t hurt her. Please don’t hurt my daughter." I tearfully beg.
"Want to keep her alive, then do what I say." He replies, pulling the sharp blade tighter against her neck.
“Please, daddy, please help me." The child bawls...

Nowhere to Run by Misty Dawn Bratcher

After escaping from the law, Abby decided to start a new life with a new identity in a small southern town. Carefully guarding every detail of her former life, including her love for shopping. Little did she know her bargain hunting could prove to be deadly? She has to flee from the law and the cartel, but where will she go now she has nowhere to run.......

Mystic creature by Misty Dawn Bratcher

The town gasps as they watch a half boy half beast stumble out of the fire engulfed house, his small hairy body completely submerged in flames. Walking onto the porch he quickly glances through the crowd. “With the devil as my witness, I swear you and all of your descendants will pay for what you’ve done!” The lad proclaims rushing off to the safety of the woods. Throughout the years the Navajo village suffered massive hardships, more than one town should ever have to endure but...

Mercy's Killing by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Mercy was born on a cold starless night late Hallows Eve.The Andersons thought she was a miracle child, a dream come true. Little did they know that this beautiful blessing will soon become their curse. An evil nightmare that only a few will survive.......

What Goes Around by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Every family has their share of secrets. Sometimes the consequences are deadly when they’re finally revealed.
That’s what happen to the Marionis. One secret sent the family to their grave. It’s up to the Berryville detectives to discover the hidden secret leading to their untimely demise.......

Town Slayer by Misty Dawn Bratcher

“I’ll be back to kill all of you sonsofbitches,” she screams, as the officers drag Penny away from the mutilated body.
The small southern town thought their nightmare was finally over when they hauled her off to jail. They didn’t realize that Penny would be back to settle the score.......

Eyes on You by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Being a young child living out on the streets, Tommy did what was necessary in order to survive. His life improves when the Italian Mafia takes him under his wing.
Everything is going according to plan until a crime goes sideways.
Now he has to run from the Mafia and the law.......

Haunting Past by Misty Dawn Bratcher

A serial kidnapper sweeps through the town managing to abduct ten children and destroy the lives of hundreds. A case that was neither solved nor forgotten.
Discovering new evidence the detectives reopens the fortyyearold case. Little do they know that this new breakthrough arouses more than a few painful memories.
Will the children finally get the justice they deserve or will their abductor continue his life of crime?......

Bittersweet Revenge by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Years ago, she was a defenseless child, crying from all of the pain and humiliation she has to endure.
“One of these days I’ll come back and kill every one of you perverts. I swear I will,” she sobs, into the cold, dark room.
Now she’s back, ready to get her revenge.......

Debt Collector by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Jeff has everything he’s ever wanted. A highpaying job, nice home, a beautiful wife and two adorable daughters, he’s living the dream.
His perfect life comes to an end when he’s told he has to commit heinous crimes to pay off a debt or watch his family die a slow painful death.
How far will he go to protect the ones he loves?......

Pushed Too Far by Misty Dawn Bratcher

All through school Jeremy was tormented by his classmates because of his disease. He was able to tolerate the constant ridicule as long as he had Jessica, his one true love by his side.
During graduation, Jeromy discovers that Jessica is pregnant with his rival’s baby. Jessica then tells him she’s going to marry Paul. This shocking news sends Jeromy over the edge.
With nothing left to live for and nothing left to lose, Jeremy plans to destroy everyone who’s harmed him.......

Deadly Secrets by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Wanting to escape the city life, Greg moved his wife and two kids to a small southern town in the foothills of the Ozarks.
Berryville started out as a friendly community, everything Greg and Abby hoped. The southern hospitality turned violently evil when they uncovered a deadly secret.......

Twist of Fate by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Sarah thought her tragedy was over when she buried her family, but her nightmare has just begun.
She now has to choose to either kill or be killed like her family.......

Travesty of Justice by Misty Dawn Bratcher

Two opposite lives are thrown together while trying to survive their own fate.
Killing her husband in selfdefense forces Julia to run from the law.
Using a false identity she starts a new life in a small, southern town. Everything is going the way she'd hoped until she's stopped for speeding.
Uncertain on what to do, Julia turns to Larry for help, neither realizing he'll soon find himself at the wrong end of the law.
Their lives are quickly turned upside down in their quest for...

Deadly Finds by Misty Dawn Bratcher

In 1692 the Salem Witch Hunt began. Many were killed during this bloody crusade, each promising vengeance on every soul who took part in their untimely demise.
Threehundredyears later, a demonic device is discovered, ready for revenge.......

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