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Vampire - The Quest for Truth (Vampire Series Book 3) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Vampire The Quest for Truth, is the third book in the 'Vampire' series of books and continues with the story of Gwen, a 500 year old vampire, and her lover/nemesis Robert. This story in the series is set in a chateau in 16th century France. Filled with love, hate, revenge, and betrayal, the 'Vampire' series of books are fastpaced, historically correct, and a far cry from the modern teenage vampire saga's. To discover more about the series try downloading the first book in the series,...

Vampire - Secrets in the Sand (Vampire Series Book 4) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

This fourth book of the series continues with story of Gwen; a 500 year old vampire, and her quest to uncover the secrets that reveals the truth behind the creation of Vampirism.
Gwen journeys from France, through Italy, and then Greece, until she reaches Egypt, where she finds the last artifact that will help her uncover the secrets she needs to know in order to confront the lead vampire, Robert. This discovery not only shocks Gwen, but also rocks the very foundation of the Christian...

Vampire - Child of Destiny (Vampire Series Book 2) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Vampire Child of Destiny, is the second book in the 'Vampire' series of books, and continues with the journals of Gwen, a five hundred year old vampire.
Gwen tells the story of her life starting in Tudor England, and will continue throughout history until present day. Vampire Child of Destiny continues on from the first book in the series: Vampire In the Beginning. The book follows Gwen on her first steps into vampirism, murder, abduction, and surviving a difficult and precarious...

Vampire - In the Beginning (Vampire Series Book 1) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Vampire In the Beginning, is the first in the series of journals detailing the life of Gwen, a 500 year old vampire. Each novel focuses on a period in Gwen's life, her love's, losses, failure's, and hope's. Bringing different periods in history to life, readers will grow to love Gwen and Robert (The vampire leader), and their bitter, explosive, and passionate love. The 'Vampires' series begins in Tudor England and continues through each novel until present time.
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Vampire - The Betrayers Kiss (Vampire Series Book 5) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

In this fifth and final instalment in the first series of 'Vampire'. Gwen discovers the truth behind the origins of vampirism. However, all is not as simple as she thought it would be. And so she must come to a decision should she eradicate vampirisim for all time and in doing so destroy Robert, the man she loves above all others? Or should she let love survive?
Reviews for other books in the series:
5 By Alexander M. Cavazos on September 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition...

Vampire - Gwen's Journals I - V: The Complete First Series by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Vampire Gwen's Journals I V, is the complete first series (5 books) of the best selling Vampire series. The series tells the story of Gwen, a 500 year old vampire, and her quest to discover the origins and finally understand the creation of vampirism. This edition brings all five books together, which when read together, creates an epic tale of over 110,000 words.......

Death Whispers (Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries Book 1) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Please note that this book is written in UK English and the grammar and spelling may differ from US English and other English speaking countries.
Death Whispers (Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries Series).
Mary Howard is a failed writer. She is also rich, clumsy, a virgin, and she can see dead people a gift that she believes is a curse. A visit from a recently murdered spirit starts a sequence of events that means that Mary can no longer ignore the ghosts that taunt her. She finds...

Echoes of Kin (Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries Book 2) by Charmain Marie Mitchell

Mary Howard can see dead people. A gift, that up until a few months previously, she detested. However, she was starting to change her mind, especially as this ability had gained her a boyfriend, helped her gain the insight to write a bestselling book, and had encouraged her to start a paranormal investigating company.
Everything should be peachy but it isn't. She's been dumped by the said boyfriend, and now, to top it all off, she's being haunted by a spirit which seems to be intent on...

The Lust for Blood by Charmain Marie Mitchell

'The Lust for Blood' is a collection of thirteen grisly short stories written by the author Charmain Marie Mitchell.
The stories range in size from 1,400 words to 9,800 and focuses on the complexities of the human mind (with a couple of supernatural tales thrown in for good measure). There is nothing so complicated as a human being and sometimes nothing so horrific!
A Passion for Death Never published before. A new twist on an old tale.
Beecham Manor Never published...

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