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My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living by Brenda Mohammed

Voted second in category Best bio/memoir for Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book awards. Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir. Brenda proved that hard work and determination pay, as she moved up the ranks, and received several promotions, leading up to senior managerial status. Read about Brenda's first mega trip abroad to New York, Canada, London, Germany, and Holland, as well as other fabulous vacations she enjoyed.

Retirement is Fun: A New Chapter by Brenda Mohammed

Nominated for Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016. Retirement is Fun - A New Chapter is a sequel to "My Life as a Banker - A Life Worth Living." The author learned through her many experiences at the end of her banking career, that retirement is a time to enjoy life.

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan: Journey of an Educator by Brenda Mohammed

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - Journey of an Educator, is the biography of one man's journey in the field of Education when Education was not considered a priority in Trinidad and Tobago. It was indeed a struggle for young Andrew but he overcame all obstacles and reached the highest pinnacle of his career.His story is both motivational and inspiring.

Your TIME is NOW by Brenda Mohammed

In this book, Your Time is Now - A time to be born and a time to Die the author connects powerful words of wisdom with events in her life and the lives of others. It is written, based on powerful words spoken by King Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes about times and seasons

HEART - WARMING TALES: Tales of Crime, Love, and Marriage on by Brenda Mohammed

Heart Warming tales is a book which contains Five tales of Crime, Love, and Marriage bundled together in one book.  
The Psychiatrist and the Thief, is a comedy mystery . It is short but worth reading.. 
Her Online Predator is an exciting mystery thriller /romance. It is a must read especially for young people who like to make friends on the Internet..That friend you make may not be who he/she claims to be. 
Marriage on the Rocks is about a young couple who had serious...

Stories people love: Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love by Brenda Mohammed

Stories People Love consists of four exciting Stories:
1. A Headmaster’s Daughter In the fifties, when little value was placed on education for girls, a young girl finds true love with a brilliant scholar. This story will bring tears to your eyes.
2. Travel Dreams of Yesterday – Two young girls take an adventurous trip across the world in the sixties.
3. The Dirtiest of all evils A murder mystery with a strange twist.
4. Age Difference A love story with a d...

I am Cancer Free: A Memoir by Brenda Mohammed

Have you ever been touched by cancer or know someone who has? Has a doctor. ever told you she could do nothing more for you? Do you know what it is like to undergo several months of chemotherapy sessions and cancer surgery in a foreign country? Have you experienced that feeling of imminent death? I am Cancer Free - A Memoir, is a touching and emotional true story of a woman's battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the world by Brenda Mohammed

Travel Memoirs with Pictures is a chronicle of the author's travels around the world. The author relates the family adventures and describes places visited and the wonderful times she and her family had in their travels.......

Adventures of Squeaky Doo: A Teddy Bear's Adventures by Brenda Mohammed

Adventures of Squeaky Doo : A Teddy Bear's Adventures is a short story collection. This book teaches children Geography, Cultures, and love for pets. Children will fall in love with Squeaky Doo who relates each story himself. 1. Squeaky Doo on the Beach 2. Squeaky Doo in California 3. Squeaky Doo in Orlando 4.Squeaky Doo goes on a Cruise 5. Squeaky Doo in Trinidad

Revenge of Zeeka: A Trilogy by Brenda Mohammed

This book was nominated for Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016 and received a five-star seal from Readers Favorite. A vengeful mysterious scientist, zika virus, futuristic zombies unleashing terror, and two cool detectives, all in an island setting, will send chills up your spine.

Zeeka Chronicles by Brenda Mohammed

Zeeka Chronicles is a futuristic story taking place twenty years in the future. New technology and scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical science set the stage for the unimaginable. Robots and zombies play major roles. A reviewer described the book as 'Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts." Zeeka Chronicles placed third in the category Best Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017.

How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received by Brenda Mohammed

In 'How to Write for Success: Best Writing Advice I Received.' the author shares with new and aspiring authors her knowledge gained over the years.
The book begins with her trials, errors, and successes, and moves on to the essentials of writing a book to which readers will gravitate.
She covers plotting, writing dialogue and narrative, building your story world, choosing a book title, writing the blurb, what an author should do before and after publishing, choosing categories,...


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To share the book with friends on Facebook click the book and share it from its page.
Click below then copy and paste into your webpage to have this game and book on your website.

Play on Mobile or play here at ReadersGazette

To share the book with friends on Facebook click the book and share it from its page.
Click below then copy and paste into your webpage to have this game and book on your website.

Play on Mobile or play here at ReadersGazette

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