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Blog A Day in the Life of a Science Fiction Writer

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Eclectic mix of writing hints/commentary (every other Tuesday), science and other musings (Mondays opposite the writing blog), Timeless Truths - reflections on Christian teachings (every Thursday), and Expressions of Faith - devotionals on specific verses from the Bible (every Friday)


The Mixer Murder: And Other Detective Case Files (Mamba by C. R. Downing

The Murder Mixer – And Other Detective Case Files by C.R. Downing is an engaging teen and young adult mystery novel with four cases introduced through the perspective of a former Police Detective Lieutenant, Philip “Dancer” Mamba.
Mamba was introduced to readers in Traveler’s HOT L – The Time Traveler’s Resort and reprised in Traveler’s HOT L Volume 2 –New Tales from the Time Traveler’s Resort. In this book, he’s given the floor all to himself—and he takes his...

Traveler's Hotel by C.R. Downing

The wall began to ripple. She felt a jolt, like a low voltage electric current pass through her body   then it was over. She shook her head. It was, Shaina decided, time to begin her adventure. She grabbed the handle and pulled hard on the heavy, wooden door. It opened with a groan. Outside, it was overcast. But, it didn’t smell all that bad after all.
At least not at first.
This is how Shaina Brewer arrives at what she thinks is her destination, and is one of the stories in...

Traveler's HOT L: Volume Two: New Tales from the Time by C. R. Downing

In this, the second volume of time travel stories that originate or pass through the Harmonic Overlap of Time Location (HOT L), seven tales are presented.
In these ALL NEW stories, you will read more exploits of Chronos, Eternity, Tempus, and Epoch as they manipulate the fabric of time and those traveling along that fabric.
Old friends Phil Mamba, Rose Reynolds, Aaron Fremont, and Henry Langdon are back. With Mamba solving a case thanks to unexpected helpers; Rose making a ...

The Observers by C. R. Downing

From C. R. of the Best Science Fiction Novel for 2014 in the USA Best Book Awards with Traveler's HOT L.Over uncounted millennia, telepathic Glieseians have assumed the roles of observers, investigators, and interventionists, helping determine the developmental pathways taken by inhabitants of other planets in the Milky Way. With mollusklike bodies and frail arms that move on lubricated, muscular feet, their brains account for nearly sixty percent of their body weight, As Observers, Mxpan...

Reverse Image: A Timeless Tale from The Traveler's HOT L by C. R. Downing

Reverse Image is the third volume in the series: Traveler’s HOT L – The Time Traveler’s Resort.
This tale begins with Art Castillo disappearing while on his morning run two days after his honeymoon. His wife, Kaz, awakens, discovers Art is missing, and contacts the police.
The police find nothing out of the ordinary and suspect Art has a case of cold feet. Kaz refuses to accept that conclusion. She goes on her own hunt for clues and finds an odd medallion.
Even after...

Tune Up Your Teaching and Turn on Student Learning: Move from by Joann Jurchan

Teachers want their students to think, learn, and understand. Some teachers are more successful than others in achieving those goals. What do teachers who achieve those goals do differently than those who don't? What can new teachers do to help support students progress toward those goals without "giving the answers" to early in the learning process? What can experienced teachers do to improve their percent of their students who are successful in achieving of those goals? Without...

Idea Farming: A Science Guy's Read on Writing by C. R. Downing

As the subtitle states, this is "A Science Guy's Read on Writing." Over 8 chapters, the booklet explores how to find and idea and develop it into everything from a short story to a novella to a novel to a book series.
Using the analogy of various types of gardening and farming, author C. R. Downing presents personal experience and advice gleaned from others over his writing career.
Written in a conversational style, the booklet is designed for budding and experienced writers from...

Book Creation: Volume 2 - A Science Guy's Exploration of by C. R. Downing

This booklet takes you through the quick, easy, ENTIRELY FREE process of publishing your manuscript on Amazon, and how to begin promoting ebook and paperback versions of the book.
The title of this booklet—Volume 2 in my series on writing, publishing, promoting, and collaborating—includes the word creation. That is intentional—there were other terms considered. Creation was the ultimate choice because humans are gifted creators at a variety of levels.
This primary focus of this...

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