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Alien Affairs by Scott Skipper

Why did the government keep the Roswell incident such a big secret? Seventy years later only one woman remembers the answer, and it falls on her shoulders to save humanity from the second wave of genocidal aliens. CIA linguist, Carrie Player, wants nothing more than to have a grandbaby. Unfortunately, she will have to put that hope aside while she banters with Deshler, the alien determined to eliminate the human race.
Carrie is tough, vulnerable, sarcastic and the only person on Earth who...

Capital Blues by Scott Skipper

Think the US presidential race is a circus?
Jim West was the only governor of California ever removed from office by impeachment. So, what makes him think he should run for president? The truth is, he just wanted to get laid.
​The California State Senate convicted Jim of treason against the state; improperly suspending habeas corpus; abuse of power; misuse of public money, falsifying his petition for candidacy, perjury, impersonating a police officer, immoral conduct, maintaining a...

Alien Child (Alien Affairs Book 3) by Scott Skipper

How does a halfalien teenager cope with her overprotective mother, genocidal aunt, Islamic terrorists and an alien followup invasion? She copes very well, but it sure gets in the way of her love life.
Years after her mother cajoled the secret to reversing the effects of alien induced global infertility from the libidinous alien, Deshler, the birth rate begins to rebound when another alien craft arrives on a followup visit. Terrie Deshler desperately tries to be a normal teenager while...

Alien Eyes: Alien Affairs II by Scott Skipper

The aliens left the entire human race infertile. Carrie Player is searching for a cure in the vast cache of data stored on the reading device that the alien, Deshler, gave her as a parting gift. While the species is dwindling ISIS is trying to hasten the end by unleashing a deadly epidemic on America. To battle the new threat the CIA puts a different woman on the case, a very different woman.......

Face of the Angel by Scott Skipper

Doctor Josef Mengele selected thousands for the gas chambers on the platform of the train station at the Auschwitz death camp. The survivors called him the Angel of Death. He was brilliant, urbane and charming, and he performed vivisection on the prisoners he spared from the Zyklon B. Then he spent forty years being hunted.
Although at one time he was in the hands of the U. S. Army, Mengele was never charged with war crimes. He moved about with the help of dozens of people, sometime...

Golden State Blues by Scott Skipper

Two men walked into a bar. They decided to save the state of California and they almost succeeded.
A king maker in the little town of Claremont decided to solve all the state’s problems, so he took a hardcore Republican, dressed him in Democrat’s clothes and got him elected governor of California, all the while pulling his puppet’s strings from a barstool. Things start to improve quickly especially after the legislature went on strike leaving Governor Jim’s hands unfettered. ...

In the Blood by Scott Skipper

George Washington Skipper was a man with secrets. He kept multiple wives in two states, spawned at least sixteen children, adopted three, spent four years in the Confederate Army, was shot twice and lived to eightyfive. Then there was one more thing and a hundred years later the family is still scandalized over it.
This fictionalized account of my ancestor's remarkable life will probably get me struck from the Thanksgiving guest list, but those who aren't related will be amazed and...

Family Traits by Scott Skipper

This work of fiction is a story of metamorphosis that explores, via the historical record, how three Englishmen from the seventeenth century lent their name to Indians, Africans, Americans, philanderers, outlaws, lawmen, revolutionaries, rustlers, planters, rebels, preachers and gin soaked Californians.
Although this is a work of fiction, most of the characters and events are taken from the historical record. Sometime in the middle of the 17th century three men named Skipper arrived in...

The Hundred Years Farce by Scott Skipper

Most people don't recall—if they ever knew—that the United States Army invaded México in 1846. A year later they entered México City and received an unconditional surrender. Then they walked away with Texas, New México and California. What would have happened if they hadn't walked away?
History is full of crossroads. Alexander conquered Egypt, Persia and Afghanistan then he went to India and died of fever at twentythree. How would he have redrawn the world map if he had lived...

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