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My writing blog, with fictional stories and free snippets from my published work. It also has news about my various writing projects


Rose Of Skibbereen: Rose Of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

Sean McCarthy has a beautiful voice, a handsome face, and a dark secret in his past. When Rose Sullivan, a girl from rural Ireland, meets him the night before she leaves for America in 1880, he steals a kiss and wins her over, then disappears into the night. Eight years later Sean reunites with Rose in America, but now he’s using a different name. He won’t talk about his past, but his kisses are still thrilling. Will Rose find romance or heartache with him? Follow Rose and Sean through...

Rose Of Skibbereen Book Two: Rose Of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

The second installment in the family saga of Rose Sullivan, who immigrates to America in 1880 after falling in love with a mysterious Irishman named Sean, a man with a dark secret in his past. It's a story of love and loss, bootleg liquor, the birth of the movie industry, a true love overlooked, a secret in a locked steamer trunk, and the tumult of the 1920s in America. Rose endures many trials because of her charming but haunted husband. Sean, who changes his name to Peter and then James,...

Rose Of Skibbereen Book Three: Rose Of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

Book Three of the Rose Of Skibbereen romance/family saga covers the turbulent years of the Great Depression and World War II. In this book Rose comes to terms with what happened to her first love Sean McCarthy, and learns the secret that made him such a troubled soul. There is a paranormal element, too. Rose receives visits from the spirit of her Irish mother, and warnings from an Amish psychic. Her son Paul gets mixed up with a Nazi sympathizer, and his daughter Rosie has an affair with a...

Rose Of Skibbereen Book Four: Rosie: Rose Of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

The fourth book in the Rose Of Skibbereen saga, this one follows the family through the turbulent 1960s. The main character is Rosie Morley, granddaughter of Rose Sullivan Morley, who came from Ireland to Philadelphia in 1880 at the start of Book One. Rosie is a mercurial personality, a gifted singer but an impulsive, rash person who makes poor choices. When the story starts she is living in South Philadelphia, and she gets involved with some questionable characters in the music business....

Rose of Skibbereen Book Five: Rosie: Rose of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

Book Five of the Rose Of Skibbereen series covers the 1980s and 90s, as Rosie Morley opens a bar and restaurant in New Hope, PA, and meets a handsome futurist named Jack Caldwell. He believes in the promise of the future, while she hears psychic promptings from the past. This story encompasses violence in Northern Ireland, the quest for true love, the healing of old wounds, and unexpected connections between the characters. Rosie must decide whether to trust Jack's love for her, and she must...

Rose Of Skibbereen Book Six: Rose Of Skibbereen Series by John McDonnell

Book Six of the Rose Of Skibbereen series takes the story from the year 2000 to the present. Rosalie Morley, greatgreat granddaughter of the original Rose of Skibbereen, is a socially awkward 19 year old living in New Hope, PA. She meets Perry Lukens, an ambitious young man who's on the move in the local real estate world. Perry has a magnetic attraction for Rosalie, and even though there are warning signs that he's a dangerous, selfabsorbed man, she is attracted to his energy and passion....

13 Horror Stories by John McDonnell

13 stories that will make a chill run down your spine and stand your hair on end. It's horror that makes you think, horror with a surprise ending, horror that keeps you up at night. These are tales of revenge, of betrayal, of the power of love (or is it hate?) to overcome even Time and Space. Short and notsosweet, these stories will stick with you long after you finish reading them.......

Up A Tree by John McDonnell

Lauren Summers never forgot her first kiss, and when she goes back to the place where it happened, 30 years later, she gets stuck in a tree 30 feet in the air. She is saved by a handsome stranger with flashing blue eyes named Tom Connell. Then the man who gave her that first kiss, Jimmy Vance, shows up in her life. He's a successful businessman and he tells her he has never forgotten her all these years. Jimmy wants to rekindle their old romance, but Lauren can't stop thinking of Tom...

Mary's Secret (Rose Of Skibbereen) by John McDonnell

A beloved character from Book One of “Rose Of Skibbereen”, Mary Driscoll now has a book of her own. Her story is one of passion, betrayal, theft, bootlegging, murder and love, starting at the turn of the 20th century, racing through the Roaring Twenties, and ending in the Great Depression. Mary has a secret burning in her heart, and it’s never far from her mind as she struggles to make her way in the Irish immigrant community of Philadelphia. Her vivid personality will stay with you...

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