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Author Blog devoted to my THREE books. All are Amazon Kindle and currently FREE to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, at a sale price. "Discovering Treasure" 1920's Romance "Cherisher Encounter" Contemporary Love "Abused Without Mercy" A true story of domestic violence, with self help.


Discovering TREASURE: A Christian Romance to Stir Magic in the by Crystal Mary Lindsey

It’s 1925 and Paris is the city of romance and exotic fashion. Treasure Gilroy is a famous model living in the heart of this dazzle, working between London, New York and Milan.
Then suddenly and inexplicably she vanishes from her opulent lifestyle.
Having inherited her grandmother’s estate, Treasure journeys back to a beautiful valley on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, outback Australia.
She travels with her best friend, Ella, who is English and works...

Cherished Encounter: An Inspirational Doctor Romance by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Residing on a Peninsula beside the beautiful Pacific coastline in Queensland, Australia, Dr Ariana Ross decides to leave her past history behind and forge a fresh start. Her journey takes her to a medical practice in an Outback country town, where her impact on many brings surprises.
Passions explode when she meets Zane Lombardi, one hunk of gorgeous Italian male. Zane is a Christian and an enterprising Apple Orchard owner. He is also strongly adverse to the wiles of designing women....

ABUSE BEATEN: From VICTIM To VICTOR by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Have You Ever Lived In A Home With Invisible Bar's ? Have You Lived In Fear Of Making Your Spouse Angry ? A young innocent girl starved for affection meets a young man, desiring for him to fill a void in her life. She believes if she gives him everything he wants then he will love her in return. In her naivety she mistakes his lust for love. This man is a controller. By remaining loyal to him she ultimately ends up suffering...

Forbidden Fruit TEMPTATION: Christian SPIRITUAL Romance (Vision by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Forbidden Fruit />
Burns Like a Fire – an Eternal Strong Desire 

He Was Her Eternal Love – & Prayer Became Her Spirit Weapon />
Silva Latham loved Declan Callahan from a young age. After years apart both return to their families in an Outback Australian town. Declan remembers Silva as his best friend Adam’s nuisance little sister. Now she is nineteen and home from a French finishing school. He is thunderstruck by her exquisite transformation into a desirable young...

Consuming Fire: A Plastic Surgeon's Desire by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Dr.Javin StClair is a Charismatic Plastic Surgeon pursued by many yet known by few. He sets his sights on Sage his new R.N. who confuses his mind and leads him a merry chase
Sage Lauren Grace Saunders changes her life direction when she becomes employed by the handsome plastic surgeon Dr. Javin StClair. His patients consider him an enigma; however, no one is permitted familiarity beyond his professional boundary, although many women do try. His reconstruction surgery for deformities and...

Love's Time: A Christian Time Travel Romance by Crystal Mary Lindsey

On receiving a mysterious packet from beyond the grave, Enya Raffetty embarks on a quest to learn more about her family’s origins.
Struck by lightning in the ancestral isolated Outback graveyard, she is transported back through time to 1899.
Found unconscious by Lockland Dawson, a handsome jackaroo landowner, who claims her as his, she is kept at his new home, Kooyong Homestead.
As Enya slowly regains her memory, she realizes she is not from this time yet having fallen in love...

SURE FIRE Self Help & Knowledge of Health Care.: Cost Effective by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Doctors, Hospitals, and Prescribed Medications cost a lot of money. TRUE!
THIS BOOK supplies information to save you, STRESS, pain, and money.
NOONE wants to hurt, contact a chronic illness, or PERHAPS die.
Yet what you want never come into consideration. Sadly, accidents and sickness still ha...

To Catch a Butterfly: A Christian Romance by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Yasmin Dupont` was brought up in a Muslim home from where she makes a carefully planned escape. She is in a race for her very existence – no longer a caterpillar kept captive in the tyrannic household; she has spread her beautiful wings to become a butterfly and fly away from imprisonment.
Growing up without her birth mother and under the evil eye of a controlling stepmother, Yasmin was set for an arranged marriage. The dominant Muslim culture was not one to be crossed or messed with...

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