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Pseudo Boyfriend (McQueen Family Book 1) by Marianna Nemeth

Eleanor James is a good girl. She has everything. Job, money, a best friend, family and a perfect boyfriend.
But then her mother invites her to her wedding weekend. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She needs someone for a weekend.
Alexander McQueen has money, friends but no family. He just wanted to have a weakend alone. How the hell did he end up on a long weekend with Eleanor James in Hawaii?
And what happens next?......

Hitman (Damaged Book 1) by Marianna Nemeth

Tyler Trenton. Red. As others call me. I always thought there is something wrong with me. My job was let's say strange if I can tell you that.
I am a hitman and I am gonna fall in love.
(The first book from the Damaged series)......

Forgetting the past (The Martens brothers Book 1) by Marianna Nemeth

Lorraine Jamison's dream is to have a real family, but not from the system.
She moves into her new home with the Walter's family. She starts to enjoy herself when she meets with her neighbors the Martens brothers.
Which one she will get on with the most?
Let's find out!
(Short story and the first book in The Martens brothers series.)

Finding myself in him (Black Guys and Gals Book 1) by Marianna Nemeth

Megan Travis is 18 years old and a virgin. She is ready to lose her virginity with her boyfriend but they broke up because of her body and her social status but more importantly because of a bet.
She is not your typical girl. She is not skinny and she got bullied because of it. They call her fat, ugly...
She starts to go to the gym. Something happens on one night after she finishes at her working out session and everything starts to go downhill.
And there is Delvin Benjamin...

Taming the fire (Black Guys and Gals Book 2) by Marianna Nemeth

Mona is a mother. She thinks that's the only thing what she needs to do until her brother's best friend comes back from his training and she starts to see him...
The trouble is her ex. He wants her back for a really strange reason.
(Black Guys and Gals 2)......

Wearing a mask (Black Guys and Gals Book 3) by Marianna Nemeth

Thomas is a successful lawyer. He would do anything for his wife and kid. The only problem starts when he discovers something and he loses his family.
Cecily is a teacher and loves what she is doing.
They meet, what's gonna happen?......

Finding Daniel (The Martens brothers Book 2) by Marianna Nemeth

Jacob is gay. Well everyone knows that. His best friend is now together with his twin brother. Yay! Happily ever after for them but for Jacob? Shaun broke up with him because he thought it will be easier to deal with being gay, to come out, but he didn't know its his mistake to let him go...
Daniel Cross is gay. He has a company. A really successful one. He is looking for love.
What's gonna happen?
(Second book in The Martens brothers series.)......

Always you (The Martens brothers Book 3) by Marianna Nemeth

Josh is a jerk, a player... Everyone knows it. Even his brothers and their other halves know it. But no one knows why he acts this way... Only he does.
Josh is 23 years old and has graduated from University. He should move on. He should move out from his parents house and find a proper job.
But he can't move on from her. After all these years he is still in love with her but he's too late..
Katelyn is already married and has a baby.........

Changing Shaun (The Martens brothers Book 4) by Marianna Nemeth

Shaun is gay. He screwed up when he needed to come out clean with Jacob but now as he is officially gay he has some disturbing news.
He get to know someone pretty closely and that person's name is Noelle.
She is a girl who he never wanted be close and Samuel's sister.......

Friends with benefits (The Martens brothers Book 5) by Marianna Nemeth

Samuel and Caroline are friends with benefits. They enjoy and use each other "company".
What if one of them starts feeling? What if they stop and they can't be at the same place at the same time? What if an old "friend" comes back for revange?
(The Martens brothers book 5)......

You ground me (The Martens brothers Book 6) by Marianna Nemeth

Three years they haven't seen each other and when JJ comes back from Tokyo, heather needs his help even she doesn't want help.
Heather is the troubled girl, and JJ is the guy who will ground her.......

Your dirty little secret (Black Guys and Gals Book 4) by Marianna Nemeth

Ted is gay. He has a boyfriend. Until Delvin's wedding. He spots Hayden Travis, Megan's father and he is absolutly gorgeous. One night. One hot and steamy night with a totally straight and much older guy...
Hayden is straight. He never thought he would change his mind but it only needed one night with a perfect guy and he couldn't stop thinking about him.
Will Hayden fall in love and comes out or he will stay in the closet?......

Sick of me (Black Guys and Gals Book 5) by Marianna Nemeth

Rick and Carol will have their journey together. Through sickness and madness.
Rick is a playboy. He is not ready to have a relationship until he meets Carol.
Carol comes back from Dubai to her family. She wasn't ready to get the same diagnosis as her mother...
(Black Guys and Gals 5)......

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