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Altered Life: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 1) by Keith Dixon

Making a killing in business is one thing doing it for real is another. Private Investigator Sam Dyke turns down a job that would require skills that he doesn't have patience, computerliteracy, tact. Then he finds that the skills he does have tenacity, aggression, streetsmarts are exactly the ones he needs for his next case hunting down a coldblooded murderer who seems to know what his every step will be.

The Bleak: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 4) by Keith Dixon

WINNER OF THE 2014 CHANTICLEER CLUE AWARD FOR PRIVATE EYE/NOIR FICTION! Sam Dyke is back in this gripping new detective thriller! The private investigator who never gives up until the bad guys are caught—or worse. For Sam, taking this particular case is not promising. His client is a secretary who’s watching her boss fall apart, and she can’t bear it. The case requires subtlety and finesse and so isn’t his usual kind of job. But he likes her and takes it anyway.

The Private Lie: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 2) by Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Amazon Reviewer In this thrilling followup to Altered Life, Private Investigator Sam Dyke is asked by his longlost son to find his girlfriend, Kelly, who has disappeared. Sam is at first reluctant because his son is threatening him—not the basis for a good client relationship.

The Hard Swim: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 3) by Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Amazon Reviewer FEBRUARY 1942: The Struma, a brokendown steamer, explodes and sinks in the Black Sea, drowning 768 Rumanian Jews fleeing the Nazis and heading for Palestine, and safety. JUNE 1944: Thirtyone SAS soldiers are captured behind enemy lines and are forced to dig their own graves before being shot and buried in a forest in the heart of France.

The Strange Girl: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 5) by Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Private Investigator Sam Dyke is hired to find a man who’s been released from prison and subsequently gone missing. But the excon is an excop who might have been imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit. Working for the man’s daughter, Sam soon discovers that this isn’t just a missing persons case – there are other people involved ...

The Secret Sharers: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 6) by Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Amazon Reviewer "He said, ‘Let’s be clear: there are two things that I want to come out of this. First, I want to be sure I’m being followed. Secondly, I want to know by whom. Do we understand each other?’" How difficult could this case be? Private investigator Sam Dyke soon learns, however, that Frank Wallace, the client, hasn’t revealed the whole truth.

The Innocent Dead: (Sam Dyke Investigations Book 7) by Keith Dixon

"I enjoy Lee Child, Robert Crais, Tess Gerritson. So I think Keith Dixon is up there with the greats." Amazon Reviewer Mark and Bobbie Ware have the perfect life—a huge mansion, enough money to satisfy every conceivable need, and a delightful son of ten years of age. But this all changes when a man disrupts that life by taking from it the single most important possession the family enjoys: its happiness.

Actress: A prize-winning psychological story by Keith Dixon

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and Awesome Indie award winner! No. 1 IN THE LITERARY FICTION > WOMEN'S FICTION FREE DOWNLOAD CATEGORY! "This is excellent contemporary fiction ... " Tahlia Newland, founder of Awesome Indies. As a young actress in a longrunning TV show, Mai Rose’s career path seemed clear. But she wants more. Already she’s dumped the show and landed a role in a serious play, with serious actors and a more-than-serious director. And now another opportunity has arisen –...

The Sam Dyke Box Set: Four gripping crime thrillers by Keith Dixon

"Sam Dyke, a modern, British Marlowe" This anthology includes the first four books in a series that has been called "terrific" and "difficult to put down". It also includes the first chapter of the fifth book, The Strange Girl. So who is Sam Dyke? He's a private investigator from a workingclass background whose job forces him to mix with the wealthy and privileged of the posh Cheshire set—those whose morals and behaviour offend him and go against his own values ...

Crime Writing Confidential by Keith Dixon

ARE YOU A WRITER? Ever wondered how crime writers manage to enthrall and entice you into wanting to read their books? Ever wanted to do that yourself? In this collection of critiques and essays, Keith Dixon demonstrates how crime fiction writers put together their books, using a close analysis of the way they write their tactics, their strategies, their actual prose.

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