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Love's Beating Heart by Stephanie Parker McKean

"Love's Beating Heart" is a Christian young adult and adult adventureromance with a strong prolife message. Teens Dena and Natasha embark on a wild river Huckleberry Finntype adventure to escape from the abortion that Natasha's parents demand she get. Meanwhile, Dena's older sister Cat is tossed into her own adventure after she flees an abusive boyfriend and finds refuge with a Christian family. To nonbeliever Cat, the Creekmore family seems totally insane. They even keep a horse in the...

Bridge Beyond Betrayal (Miz Mike Book 2) by Stephanie Parker McKean

When successful mystery writer Michal Rice, better known as 'Miz Mike' in Three Prongs, Texas (where misfits fit), spots a dead body in a red pickup truck, she springs into action. But noone believes her! So she searches for the elusive truck and murder victim herself. After finding and losing them, and being coshed on the head on finding them again, Mike learns the identity of the murdered man, but again, noone will believe her, not even her 'fiancé' Marty Richards. When Mike unexpectedly...

Bridge To Nowhere (Miz Mike Series Book 1) by Stephanie Parker McKean

Bestselling author Mike spends her days shut up in her office, churning out detective stories for her publisher. When a beautiful stranger appears, masquerading as Lynette Clarissa Greene, begging her to help investigate the murder of her sister, Mike is soon embroiled in a mystery which includes the entire town. From the simpleminded Clint, who sheds light on Lynette’s true identity, to the talented Nat, and the orphaned Jared, Mike soon finds herself immersed in the illicit subculture of...

Killer Conversations: (Just When You Thought It Was Safe to by Stephanie Parker McKean

He walks a lot and is an unfriendly loner. She pegs him as a serial killer. People in the small Scottish village don’t believe her. They attribute her suspicions to a “writer’s imagination.”
Then there’s a new murder.
She stalks him looking for evidence. He stalks her to find out if she has evidence. When the two collide, it’s in a deadly life and death struggle.
Kevyn Skye Lamar’s quest to find a story and write the “Great American Novel” may end up with her as...

Bridge to Xanadu (Miz Mike Series Book 3) by Stephanie Parker McKean

From finding a dead body in the dumpster at the sheriff’s office to being straddled by a knifewelding rapist and serial killer, Texas’ Miz Mike is back in her most gripping and humorous mysteryromancesuspense ever, Bridge to Xanadu.
Who wouldn’t chase after a porcupine to get a photo for a friend’s newspaper during a slow news week? Only when detective writer Michal Allison Rice (Miz Mike to friends) does exactly that, she finds a woman’s body. Worse yet, Mike is convinced that...

Bridge to Brigadoon by Stephanie Parker McKean

In one of the wackiest Miz Mike adventures ever, successful writer Michal Allison Rice is packed off to Scotland by her son and daughterinlaw for a vacation. They believe the trip will heal her broken heart—and hope that it will teach her to mind her own business. Mike does not want to go to Scotland. It is COLD there. And once in Scotland, she doesn’t want to stay. Hotdogs come in cans, dill pickles are nonexistent and driving on the wrong side of the road terrifies her. However, when...

Bridge Back by Stephanie Parker McKean

Finally, a wedding instead of a mystery! Detective writer Michal Allison Rice, better known as Miz Mike in her hometown of Three Prongs, Texas, arrives in Scotland to marry Reverend Alan Evan Kirkland. But on their first walk along the beach, Mike discovers a sinking boat…and a murder victim.
Mike left Egan Firewalker Quartz and his bossy teen daughter Flame behind in the Nevada desert when she flew to Scotland to marry her “traditional minister” in a “traditional Scottish...

Captive of Fear by Stephanie Parker McKean

Lindsey Hunter, who experienced incidents of extreme terror during childhood, resolves to no longer be held captive by fear. Yet when she arrives in Scotland with her husband of one week, that resolution seems impossible to attain.
Marc’s house is more of a castle, haunted by memories of his first wife; the family dog is a rambunctious Great Dane that terrifies Lindsey; and the housekeeper is dour and disapproving. Marc’s business partner, Neville, resents her. Marc’s brother,...

Bridge Home by Stephanie Parker McKean

Following the tragic death of Egan Firewalker Quartz after only a short marriage, Texas Miz Mike’s stepdaughter, Flame, blindsides her with a vacation in Scotland—as well as an extremely unexpected boyfriend! The vacation turns chaotic when Mike finds a body while out walking—and minding her own business, of course!
Mike discovers the victim is connected to her former fiancé, Reverend Alan Evan Kirkland. An eyewitness claims to have seen Evan running from the murder scene. Evan is...

Bridge to Texas by Stephanie Parker McKean

Bridge to Texas offers unsurpassed comedy from start to finish as fortysomething Texas Miz Mike gets involved in a “nude” photo shoot for a calendar to raise funds for a wildlife sanctuary and ends up solving a murder.
Murder by ostrich? A mule that breaks into houses and spies on women in the shower? It could only happen in Three Prongs, Texas, where the misfits fit.
Reverend Alan Evan Kirkland leaves Scotland behind in a bid to become a Texan. Is it a lost cause? He encounters...

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