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Weewee (eFables Book 3) by Kamon

Weewee is a cute little dog who behaves the way he sees others behaving. A funny story that will make children giggle and that open them a door to wisdom, towards thinking before doing.
Beautifully illustrated, the book is ideal for electronic readers and mobile devices. Weewee is the third in the popular series eFables, bound to be Children's Best Books 2013!......

There Once Was a River Stone (Mindfulness for a Better World by Kamon

The story retells the adventure or a river bed stone. Along the plot, the stone becomes more and more alive, it thinks, feels and finaly moves. A step towards mindfulness, respect and genuine happiness. It is only on the last page that the reader will come to a picture of mindful piles of stones, a message from the author that grouping together with the common value of respect might leads us on the path of nonviolence. It's a children's picture book but it has no age limit...:) Kamon......

The Mermaid's Son by Kamon

An analogy to the world of today where many children live in a monoparental family.......

Jay's New Game (Jay's World Book 1) by Kamon

Jay lives with his mum who believes that his son is the most charming, honest, clever, handsome and funny boy in the world. As for Jay, he would say that he is really just an ordinary boy. Enjoy the read!......

Playtoon and the Crap SMS: Dealing with cyber (KIDS and APPS by Kamon

Smartphones, tablets and apps are there to stay, we have to learn to use them for the best. More important is teaching kids to do so. Playtoon received a SMS message "I DON'T LIKE U". What would you do? What will Playtoon do? An entertaining story about cyberbullying. Age 8 to 12.......

Playtoon and the AntPhone: Getting the balancing act with by Kamon

Aunt Stiffiny gives Playtoon an AntPhone as a reward; life suddenly becomes a colorful pattern of fun, songs and games. When a fire threatens the ant nest, Playtoon is reaching the Platinum Level of AntAttack.
What will happen?

Clint the Lint Keeper: Clint learns to stay in the present by Kamon

Misadventures, bad luck or just having a bad day, are normal events, part of everybody's life. As Clint goes on a journey, things start to happen. His first reaction is to shut down and keep bad memories alive in his heart to avoid further trouble. When this does not work, Clint learns from his cousin that a heart has to be cleaned often to keep a happy and open mind. A wonderfully illustrated story of resiliency for children!......

!Oh No! (Life Beam Book 2) by Kamon

Can bad guys do good deeds? !Oh No! is the very funny story of Rittle the snake who takes refuge in a house and finds himself grabbed by the neck by a grandmother. Will he bite her? Can granny be saved from the flood coming? I giggled when I wrote it and you are bound to do the same thing while reading it, enjoy! Kamon.....

The Yellow Butterfly: children dealing with death (Life Beam by Kamon

I wrote The Yellow Butterfly for my friend who lost her husband. There are not many easy to read stories for children who have to cope with the loss of a parent. It is a story for children but even an adult reading it will appreciate the bliss to the heart coming from a tiny Yellow Butterfly.......

Playtoon and the BugTube: KIDS and APPS Book 2 by Kamon

Playtoon and the BugTube is an analogy for children. Through the eyes of ants, the children will see and understand that when we want to upload on the Internet we need to be mindful of what we are uploading. The story is meant to be funny, highly entertaining and a social lesson highly relevant to our time.......

Playtoon and Colonel Lex (KIDS and APPS Book 3) by Kamon

Getting rid of the Queen, produce a new generation of microchips implanted ants; this is what Colonel Lex has in mind. Playtoon, a funny and honest worker ant, finds himself drawn into the Colonel's plot. Playtoon has to snatch a Queen's hair for the Colonel Lex DNA experiment.
A humorous intrigue, Playtoon and Colonel Lex is volume 3 of KIDS and APPS series. The text and pictures are designed especially for ereader devices in a 48 pages chapter book. Highly entertaining story!......

Mother Earth Loses her Hat and Boots (Mindfulness for a Better by Kamon

This story of Mother Earth is for children of the world, whoever they are and wherever they live. No matter whether they are rich or poor, children need to learn at a very young age that the most important thing in everybody’s life is caring for the world.......

Viktor in Love (eFables Book 1) by Kamon

Viktor the tortoise is a great fighter, a kind of ninja. But when he wants to befriend the beautiful Lola, he has to figure out who he is and what he really wants.
Viktor in Love is the first of a series of children's stories designed to entertain children and to teach them mindfulness regarding mind, body and the environment. These essential skills aim to help children shape their future in a positive way.......

Don't Tell Lies, Jay! (Jay's world Book 2) by Kamon

A kid lying is nothing new, I wrote this funny book to help parents and make kids realize that lying is just a phase that they have to outgrow. I hope it helps.......

Yeah! I am happy now! (Mindfulness for a Better World Book 3) by Kamon

Cam is positive that he will be on the school soccer team. When Mr. Johnson tells him that he must wait to be nineyearold to be part of the team, Cam explodes. He is so disappointed. He loses control of his heart, starts to cry and runs to hide behind the school building.
The rest of this story is wonderful. Discover with Cam what to do when your emotions take over.

Phil's Reef: A beautiful story in rhyme about caring for sea by Kamon

One day as Phil sways in his part of the coral reef, a nice smile appears behind a rock. Did Phil find the friend he has always wished for? Phil’s Reef is a beautifully illustrated story in rhyme about caring for the ocean that will captivate children.......

Wally, The Wannabe Pet: A piggy's journey to happiness (eFables by Kamon

What does it take to make you happy? A fresh donut? A nice house? Jewels? An IPhone? Wally wants it all. Follow him on his journey as a pet and discover with him the meaning of happiness.......

The Mahogany Dancer: Great ideas that change your life come by Kamon

Nangoma lost her parents; she has nothing left. Nothing except her dad’s phone, and the dream of becoming a ballerina.
It is under the shade of a mahogany tree that Nangoma discovers a free way to learn what she loves. Her positive thinking will change her life forever.

While: A Story of Time Around the World by Kamon

When the teacher asks students to reflect on the idea of time; Emerson thinks outside the box, and his mind embarks on a journey around the world. Follow him to discover what happens elsewhere when it is 10 AM at home.......

The Onion and the Pearl: The fantastic outside in journey of by Kamon

Mr. Onion meets a lovely stranger who he mistakes for a pearl. It is by chatting with the stranger that Mr. Onion discovers the secret of shaping oneself…an adorable story for the children of our global world.......

Loulou's Choice: Loulou realizes that she can choose not to by Kamon

Loulou’s friends told her that horror movies are cool to watch and a great way to prove that you are not a baby anymore.
Loulou picks up the remote while her sister Annie is in her bedroom. “If I don’t look now, I’ll never know and I’ll be a baby all my life.” She quickly switched over to the horror channel.
Did Loulou make the good choice?

Little Croc Keeps His Promise (eFables Book 5) by Kamon

A crocodile egg ends up in the nest of Mother Shoebill’s, a bird from the Nile river bank
with a large beak shaped as a shoe. When the eggs hatch, one of the hatchlings has yellow eyes and very, very sharp teeth... What will happen?
Do you think Mother Shoebill's chicks are in danger with their crocodile brother?

Jay's Coach Learns a Lesson: What can a boy do to stop by Kamon

Jay is late for his swimming practice, which does not help to put his mother in a good mood.
Arriving in the locker room at the pool, Jay overhears his coach and a friend plotting to cheat and take some of the athletes’ sponsorship money.
What will happen?

Who Stole Jack's Axe?: A play script for primary level students by Kamon

Kamon publishes a funny play for primary level students. Characters from Jack and the Beanstalk, snow White, the Wimpy kid and many other famous stories coming together to help Jack finding his axe and his heart for reading.......

The Alien Hair: Random Acts of Kindness, a Golden Key to Your by Kamon

Ethan was a shy eight year old boy. He was a middle child with an older brother and a younger sister. Sometimes Ethan wished he was younger like Lily and sometimes he wished he was older like Matt. He hated being the lettuce in the middle of Lily and Matt sandwich, until one day…
Was it luck or was it fate that the alien hair landed on Ethan's head?


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BOOK : Playtoon and Colonel Lex (KIDS and APPS Book 3)
AUTHOR : Kamon
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