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Beyond Death by Deb McEwan

LIFE THROUGH A DEAD WOMAN'S EYES What really happens when we die? Claire Sylvester is about to find out. Finding herself suspended between Heaven and Hell she has to come to terms with the secret lives of her family and decide how to save those that deserve saving. While others make decisions about where she'll spend eternity Claire faces betrayal, violence and evil. ‘Beyond Death’, a fast-paced paranormal thriller of life, death, deceit and danger.

Beyond Life by Deb McEwan

What really happens when we die? Initially devastated by her own death, Claire Sylvester has learnt to come to terms with her existence in the strange, mysterious world of the Afterlife. What she hasn’t been able to accept is that her stepsister’s kidnapper is still at large and too close for comfort to her family and friends. Will Claire discover her special talents in time to avert a family disaster? With unearthly intervention will the lives of the innocents be...

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species by Deb McEwan

Fancy something a bit different? If you like the unpredictable, you’re going to love this. For reality TV fans like the Terries, the quickest way to find out about human mating rituals, leprechauns and the vagaries of our waste disposal systems is by watching TV. So how can aliens capture footage when they might die if they set foot on planet Earth? Be glad you are not Caroline and Phil Gibson whose every moves are being analysed and recorded for the enlightenment of the Terries on...

Aliens the Sequel: True Colours by Deb McEwan

Unaware that they’ve been the stars of an alien reality TV series since the day they met, Caroline and Phil Gibson are about to have a wakeup call that will change their lives forever. The sequel to ‘An Alien’s Guide to the Human Species’ – Sinister, with a touch of humour. Now that the Terries have found out about human mating rituals, leprechauns and the demon drink, they want more. The Phoenix spiders led by Max are all set to film the second series of ‘Human Species’...

Beyond Destiny (The Afterlife Series Book 3) by Deb McEwan

"I read the third book in this series in less than a day. Fantastic!" M Hughes
Claire Sylvester is vulnerable. Saved from her terrifying nearhell experience, she is now without the love of her soulmate Raphael and the wise counsel of the beautiful angel Gabriella.

The ebb and flow of good versus evil takes a shocking new twist as Claire has a chance to make a difference. But the stakes are high on Earth and in the mysterious inbetween world of Cherussola.

Will Claire...

Jason the Penguin: (He's Different) by Deb McEwan

Meet Jason the Penguin. He’s bright, funny and cute. He’s also different which causes his father some concern.
Jason’s Dad worries that his son won’t fit in and be accepted by the other penguins. Discover how he deals with Jason’s uniqueness through this delightfully illustrated rhyming story.
Jason the Penguin (He's Different) is the first in a series of three books featuring Jason. It's a ten to fifteen minute read aimed at three to eight year olds. The ending will ideally...

Unlikely Soldiers Book One: (Civvy to Squaddie) by Deb McEwan

“Deb McEwan delivers a narrative that is authentic in its setting, capturing both the temperament and tempo of life as a British squaddie.” Book Viral
Some were forced to hide their sexuality and equal rights were still a dream for most women. Cheesecloth was considered to be high fashion and young teenage girls were in love with the Bay City Rollers.
Michelle Warbutton longed to see the world, Guy Halfpenny was desperate to...

Unlikely Soldiers Book Two:: (Secrets & Lies) by Deb McEwan

"The story of Guy and Mouse was entertaining, and at times, sweat inducing. I liked the thrill and I loved reading about all the inside military action." Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
Forced apart by their Army Service, will the Falklands War, the troubles in Northern Ireland and a posting to the British Army of the Rhine be the kiss of death for Mouse and Guy’s relationship?
Is their passion strong enough to survive a dangerous vendetta or the...

Unlikely Soldiers Book Three: (Friends & Revenge) by Deb McEwan

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite 5 stars!
“...In true Deb McEwan style, there is a lot of dark humor in the novel and you will enjoy this book just as much as the others. These characters have developed beautifully and, as always, the dialogues reveal so much about the new characters. Book Three in the series lives up to the bar set by the previous two wonderful novels. It was amazing.”
Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite 5 stars!

Court Out: (A Netball Girls' Drama) by Deb McEwan

United by netball, divided by life. A story of friendship, lust and betrayal.
Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers Favorite – 5 stars!
"Get ready for a wellcrafted story that tosses and bounces everything around the court...but earns Deb McEwan a trophy for bringing it all home as neatly and interestingly as she does."
What happens off court?
Marsha Lawson has no idea what her teammates do when they’re not playing netball that’s her first mistake. Taking her eye off the...

Beyond Possession: The Afterlife Series Book 4 by Deb McEwan

Still smarting from his recent defeat, the Devil is determined to regain the upper hand, planning ways to cause maximum chaos on Earth and beyond. As Claire Sylvester and her lover guard the evil souls in the cave known as Hell on Earth, an angel's mistake causes the soul of a child to be suspended in the ether ripe bait for any passing evil.

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