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Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Sherlock by Ralph Vaughan

Upon Sherlock Holmes' return to London after the Great Hiatus, he thwarted the murderous plans of Colonel Sebastian Moran, but what happened after that? Here, for the first time, learn what really drew Holmes back to London, the truth about the strange Vanishments and the East End Ghosts, and how the entirety of Time & Space was contained in a single night. In other stories, we learn exactly what Mrs Hudson's life was like with the most troublesome lodger in London, what Watson witnessed in...

Shadows Against the Empire (Folkestone & Hand Book 1) by Ralph Vaughan

It is 1882, and from fiery Mercury to the frigid moons of the Outer Planets, a Pax Britannica holds sway. Were it not for Britain’s dominance in trade, technology and space travel, Earth’s other major colonial powers would wage wars that would consume them all, and end the peace and prosperity that stretches across the Solar System. On Mars, however, an ancient evil stirs in a dead city, dark powers emerging from the dimensions to which they were banished in primal times. As this evil...

Paws & Claws by Ralph Vaughan

Chula Vista, California is a city infested with outlaw gangs. Not a segment of the town escapes their touch, whether nouveau riche Eastlake, working class Castle Park or socially blighted Otay. No matter where you go in Chula Vista there is either a pack of dogs or clowder of cats demanding tribute...or else. While the K9 officers of the Chula Vista Police Department try their best, they cannot be everywhere at once. Only in one small neighborhood do lawabiding pets have someone to stand up...

A Flight of Raptors (Paws & Claws Book 2) by Ralph Vaughan

In this sequel to the popular "Paws & Claws: A Three Dog Mystery," Levi, Sunny and Yoda return to battle evil in the form of a gang of Raptors who call themselves the Birds of Prey. At stake is the freedom of a lost tribe of Parrots exiled from their home decades earlier. Even as the operatives of the Three Dog Detective Agency challenge the predatory Raptors, however, another peril arises, an illegal "school" where dogs are forced to fight to the death in savage gladiatorial combat. For...

K-9 Blues (Paws & Claws Book 3) by Ralph Vaughan

The Three Dog Detective Agency has always worked to protect the weak, ensure justice for the oppressed, and occasionally save the world, but those efforts have not always been appreciated by Officers Antony and Arnold of the Chula Vista Police Department’s crack K9 Unit. Those two respected and highly decorated police dogs often find themselves at odds with Levi, Sunny and Yoda, the three dogs who operate the detective agency. In previous adventures, the police dogs were willing to look...

The Death & Life of an American Dog (Paws & Claws Book 4) by Ralph Vaughan

Over the years, the Three Dog Detective Agency has encountered injustice, cruelty and evil in a variety of forms, from gangs of feral cats and dogs to operators of illegal dog fighting rings, from rapacious animal enslavers of innocent household pets to a ferocious beast out of the immemorial past. But nothing prepared them for the vicious dogs of Afghanistan, fanatic soldiers of the mystical Dog at the Well, who departed their homeland on a mission of revenge and murder. Anila, a beautiful...

Sherlock Holmes - Neue Fälle 01: Sherlock Holmes und die by Ralph E. Vaughan

In London verschwinden Menschen. Die Nächte verbreiten überall Angst und Schrecken, niemand fühlt sich mehr sicher. Man erzählt sich in den Straßen von Geistern, welche die Menschen entführen.
Als Sherlock Holmes durch H. G. Wells einen zurückkehrenden Zeitreisenden aufspürt, vermutet er einen Zusammenhang mit den Morden und ist der grausamen Wahrheit damit bereits sehr nah.
Es sind die Morlocks, die das viktorianische London terrorisieren.
Der Meisterdetektiv stellt sich...

Beneath Strange Stars: A Collection of Tales by Ralph Vaughan

A collection of short stories chosen from various magazines and journals, representing fifty years of the author's work in various genres.......

Amidst Dark Satanic Mills (Folkestone & Hand Book 2) by Ralph E Vaughan

In the late 19th Century, a Pax Britannia maintains prosperity and freedom in the Solar System. This balance is threatened by the rise of a multinational criminal organization called MEDUSA. Using a dreadful new weapon they can destroy all governments and seize the the Solar System in an iron grip. Only Captain Robert Folkestone, Sergeant Felix Hand and Lady Cynthia BarringtonWelles stand between MEDUSA and total domination. Should they fail, the 19th Century will be consumed by terror,...

Sherlock Holmes: Cthulhu Mythos Adventures (Sherlock Holmes by Ralph E. Vaughan

Sherlock Holmes and HP Lovecraft did not meet until 1981. They were introduced by Ralph E. Vaughan in the story "The Adventure of the Ancient Gods," first published in Holmesian Federation 4, then as a standalone chapbook, both of which are long out of print and command very high prices from collectors. After thirtyfive years this seminal tale is again made available to readers through this book. Also included is "The Terror Out of Time," in which Sherlock Holmes works with Professor...

Dogs of S.T.E.A.M. (Paws & Claws Book 5) by Ralph E. Vaughan

Who is Lord Cerberus? No one knows, and it is not safe to inquire after him or pry into his business…it’s not just cats who suffer when afflicted with a surfeit of curiosity. From whence he came, no creature knows, he and his mysterious cat companion, Lilith. At first he was a rumor, a persistent whisper among the packs of a dog like no other. Then he made his move, taking over one outlaw pack after another, killing those alphas who refused to submit. It was not long before the packs of...

Murder in the Goblins' Playground (DCI Arthur Ravyn Mystery by Ralph E. Vaughan

Just outside Ashford village, in legendhaunted Hammershire County, there is a megalithic structure called the Goblins' Playground. Located deep in Red Cap Woods, it has long been the site of weird events, from pagan rites to human sacrifice by secret devil cults. When local rowdy Allan Cutter staggers into the snug bar of the Three Crowns pub and dies, old fears that have lain dormant for ages come to the fore. His death is quickly followed by the murder of a developer who planned to destroy...

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