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The blog of an author of romantic comedies and thrillers


Hot Property (Irish romantic comedy) The Kerry Romance by Susanne O'Leary

When Megan O’Farrell inherits her uncle’s house in a remote part of the windswept Atlantic coast of Ireland, she imagines it will be a romantic hideaway where she can recover from her recent divorce. But the house is a wreck that requires a fortune to restore, and she decides to sell it. An easy choice, were it not for the discovery of an old family scandal and a budding love affair with both the beautiful landscape and a handsome Kerryman. Catapulted into country life and faced with the...

Hot Gossip ( An Irish romance) The Kerry Romance series- book 2 by Susanne O'Leary

When Janine Marchand leaves her native France for a remote village on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, she hopes to let go of a painful past. She has changed her name and taken on a whole new identity. But the locals are curious and soon tongues start wagging. To complicate matters, Janine gets involved with Mick O’Shea, a handsome man who harbours dark secrets of his own. She is drawn to him even though she knows the attraction might jeopardize the fresh start she is trying to build. When...

Hot Pursuit (Irish romance) The Kerry Romance Series- Book 3 by Susanne O'Leary

Can you wipe the slate clean and start a new life? Rita O’Brien hopes so. She leaves a broken heart and a failed business in Kerry for a new beginning among the bright lights of Dublin. She soon settles into her new life with new friends, but things get complicated when two men enter her life. Who is the right man for her? Ricardo, with his Latin good looks and easy charm, or Josh, the trueblue friend?
The turmoil in her life reopens new wounds that Rita has kept buried deep inside....

Selling Dreams - The Riviera Romance Series. Book 1 by Susanne O'Leary

The pristine blue waters and sun drenched shores of the French Riviera provide a stunning backdrop to the story of two women, Chantal and Flora, both struggling with the heartache of a lost love.
Chantal Gardinier runs her real estate agency in Antibes with an iron fist. A tough businesswoman on the surface, Chantal is hiding a tragic home life and a secret love affair. When faced with a moral dilemma, she is unsure which path to choose.
Flora McKenna arrives in town with high hopes of...

Full Irish By Pete Morin and Susanne O'Leary by various

A Dublin reporter is on a mission to find the murderer of an honest politician and close friend. A Boston lawyer is hired to dig up dirt on a conniving Irish competitor. When the two collide at a famous County Kerry castle and discover their mutual interests, the ensuing game plan is more Pink Panther than Hercule Poirot. Full Irish marks the return of Paul Forté and his wife, Shannon, and the introduction of Finola McGee. In a sometimes madcap, sometimes dark adventure, Shannon lands...

Fresh Powder (A Winter Romance) by Susanne O'Leary

'The short, snappy dialogue moves along at speed, keeping the storyline twisting and turning nicely. This 'Sex Lite' skiing romp is no Jackie Collins, more of an Agatha on a James Bond set.' Irish Independent.
The story; Lucy and Claire were once best friends but after a row, they haven't spoken in ten years. Imagine their shock when they are thrown together, not only in the same ski resort in the French Alps but in the same chalet. Then they are snowed in, together with two attractive...

Villa Caramel (Romantic comedy set on the French Riviera) by Susanne O'Leary

Eva Connolly is elegant, clever and determined to make a brilliant career in the European Commission in Brussels. When her brother offers her a month's holiday in his luxury villa in St Tropez, she thinks it will be the perfect opportunity to network with all the Eurocrats who spend the summer there, especially the wealthy and influential Lord and lady Bakewell at nearby Villa Caramel. Eva’s husband Dan is also joining her and her beautiful Irish stepdaughters, Maria and Louise, are for...

Finding Margo (A Contemporary Romance, set in France) by Susanne O'Leary

When Margo misreads a roadmap while travelling by car through France, her husband Alan flies into one of his habitual rages. Tired of his constant bad moods, Margo slips away from him at a motorway café. She hitches a lift with a woman truck driver and escapes into the French countryside. What follows is adventure and romance far beyond her wildest dreams. Will Alan find her before she finds herself?
British spelling and grammar.
Previousl published by New Island Books, Ireland......

Swedish for Beginners- a novel (contemporary fiction set in by Susanne O'Leary

When her father dies, Maud learns that her mother, the beautiful Eleonore, whom she had never known, was from Sweden. She travels to Stockholm to meet her Swedish family and discovers both a new country and a mysterious past.
Maud also learns that Lukas, the handsome older man she meets, was deeply in love with Eleonore in his youth. Maud’s attraction to him is marred as details of Eleonore’s past emerge from family letters.
The story that is revealed, of a rebellious and somewhat...

Silver Service (Irish romantic comedy) by Susanne O'Leary

Ambitious and hardworking, Chris O’Shea is running a catering firm in Dublin during the last, heady days of the Celtic Tiger. Things are going well until her wild, reckless sister Becky returns home from New York and Chris feels duty bound to give her a job in the firm, which doesn’t help improve business. Her life is further complicated when she makes the acquaintance, in rather embarrassing circumstances, of a handsome Spanish businessman, who turns her thoughts, despite herself, from...

Borrowed Dreams (The Riviera Romance Series Book 2) by Susanne O'Leary

Upset after the end of a stormy relationship, Daisy Hennessey jumps at the chance to housesit the villa of a billionaire in glitzy St. Tropez. It will be the perfect place to recover from the emotional trauma.
But not even beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, and a private beach can keep her mind off her troubles, and when she finds a collection of designer clothes that seem made for her, she can’t resist trying them on. By sheer coincidence, invitations to glamorous parties begin to...

Hot Wishes: A Kerry Christmas (The Kerry Romance Series Book 4) by Susanne O'Leary

Book four in the Kerry Romance series a Christmas special.
After a busy year of work, children and running a farm on the west coast of Ireland, Megan is looking forward to Christmas with her family and the group of friends she invites every year. Relaxing with the people she loves most, good food, wine and laughs in front of a roaring turf fire seems like the perfect way to celebrate. But a letter announcing the arrival of a long lost relative promises to stir things up in ways she had...

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