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The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery by Alan Hardy

A DETECTIVE/MURDER MYSTERY LIKE NO OTHER… Following the murder of a sexy, blonde bombshell (and, soon after, the bloody, gruesome, shocking murder of yet another sexy broad), exInspector Cullot is called in to team up with his old sidekick, Detective Sergeant Watkins, to investigate the baffling crime. Together they set about solving the mysterious deaths at Bounderdales, the opulent mansion of the oil magnate, Henry Barble. A small group of the rich, decadent, sophisticated and...

Through The Gates by Alan Hardy

A timetravel novel like no other timetravel novel you’ve ever read! Mark discovers secret upon secret in his mysterious garden, and finds himself slowly but surely drawn back into the days of the Second World War, with its life and death struggle and sense of constant danger and excitement. He is pulled further and further back into the folds and sleeves of time, and...

Dino's Papers and Other Stories by Alan Hardy

A provocative collection of intriguing, sexy, disturbing and original stories, wideranging in scope and theme. Cosmic countdown to oblivion. Quirky sexual hangups. Disturbed, obsessive characters unable to cope with life, and living in worlds of their own. Romantic, heartbreaking tales. Stories of madness and murder. Introspective, unashamed dissection of the human mind and spirit. More than enough variety to engage you, excite you, scare you, intrigue you, torment you…......

BRITT by Alan Hardy

DEGENERATE FLOOSIES…DASTARDLY GERMAN SPIES…DIRTY OLD MEN…SOPWITH CAMELS…AND A VIRGINAL HERO AND HEROINE WHO ARE ENGLAND’S ONLY HOPE…. 1918. England faces defeat. Germany looks set to triumph. Only one man and one woman can save England. Wriggles is the Royal Flying Corps’ greatest ace. Can he prevent a dastardly German spy ring from getting topsecret information out of France? Is he completely out of his depth in a world of devilish scoundrels, and flouncing,...

The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms: Inspector Cullot Mystery by Alan Hardy

After staying in the Swiss Alps for barely two days, Inspector Cullot knows there are going to be two murders committed at his hotel. He also knows there is only one man who can prevent there being even more… That man is Inspector Cullot himself. So begins another Inspector Cullot Mystery… Cullot, together with his gorgeous, sexy daughter, Stephanie, his faithful sidekick, Detective Sergeant Watkins, and the bumbling, notetaking PC Blunt, put their holiday on hold and set off in pursuit...

The Case Of The Disappearing Corpses: Inspector Cullot Mystery by Alan Hardy

Another puzzling, fiendishly complicated mystery for Inspector Cullot and his worldfamous Team to solve… Can the Inspector, together with Sergeant Watkins and Cullot’s gorgeous daughter Stephanie, solve the mystery of the corpse that disappeared? Such a mindboggling mystery is soon followed by a whole series of disappearing corpses being reported all over London… And, worst of all, is the fourth member of Scotland Yard’s topnotch Team, namely the bumbling, bemused PC Blunt, the...

Vampire Hunt by Alan Hardy

It is 1914. Dr Joseph Aymon returns to his youthful haunts in Transylvania where he used to accompany the famous vampirekiller, Professor Van Helting, on his vampire hunts. In a world fast throwing off the superstitious clutches of medieval terrors and mythical monsters, Joseph is on a personal quest to prove the existence of vampires. The new sciences, with their cold exploration of the demons which lurk in the recesses of the mind, have mercilessly...

Julia by Alan Hardy

Julia… Julia… A young man becomes obsessed with his first love, and pursues her relentlessly over the next seven years, following her from city to city, and from country to country. It is his aim to put right what went wrong in those first few months of their affair, and each time he meets up with her, he tries to remold and perfect their relationship. He revisits his memories of her, reworking them from different timeperspectives, until his obsession overwhelms him, in danger of...

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