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Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking by Mark C Sutton

The greatest pervert and stalker that the United Kingdom has ever known is finally here in this fulllength tale of warped desires and unhinged passion!
Jeremy Felliwell is a very strange and unhinged individual; recently released back into society from a mysterious ‘establishment’, and shunned by most of his family because of ‘that thing that happened with great auntie Mavis shortly after Christmas lunch in 2003’, he is forced to live with an elderly relative, who he despises,...

Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker by Mark C Sutton

Britain's strangest pervert and stalker is back, weirder, filthier, and sexier than ever before!
'Jeremy and the Winter of the WorldWide Stalker' sees the return of Jeremy Felliwell, who, once again, has recently been released from a mysterious 'establishment' following his suicide (and inexplicable resurrection) six years earlier.
Jeremy is now living a relatively happy existence in a new council flat, together with his masked, satanic cousin, Vanessa, and occupying himself by...

Gilbert and Sulliman, and the Curse of the Red Spider by Mark C Sutton

'Gilbert and Sulliman, and the Curse of the Red Spider' is a dark, surreal comedy set in the heart of the West Midlands. Gilbert Thomas Gorman is a lonely and bored middleaged man, desperately seeking the love of a good woman. Instead, he finds himself inadvertently lumbered with a new housemate and business partner in the form of the mysterious Sulliman Jaswah, an obese toymaker from far away Mosul in Iraq. Meanwhile, a paranormal force is manipulating events with its own agenda in mind,...

The Pervert at the Beach by Mark C Sutton

Britain's finest stalker and pervert, Jeremy Felliwell, stars in this short prequel to the fulllength novel, 'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking', in which Jeremy, his fat and violent care worker Pippa, sister Anne, and a number of members of the local 'Day Centre', go on an early springtime daytrip to the seaside. However, Jeremy has only one thing on his mind; lust. The Pervert at the Beach' also contains a small sample from the fulllength novel, 'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking', which...

The Dead Winter Mountain Murders - Part Zero: The Runaway by Mark C Sutton

Do serial killers wear loud, handknitted jumpers with pictures of fluffy kittens sewn into them? Are they sometimes obsessed with trains? And buses? Is it normal for a serial killer to be a scifi bore? Do mass murderers go to church and believe in God? Do they make their own, disgusting, wine out of custard? How many serial killers wear golfing trousers together with a ghastly combination of furry yellow socks and bright purple sandals? Do serial killers often break down in front of the...

The Round Guide to Morality by Mark C Sutton

Rid yourself of your wishywashy, leftie subversive ways forever by studying 'The Round Guide to Morality' by Horace Round (as told to Mark C Sutton)!!!
Meet Horace Round; an arrogant, condescending, selfobsessed, psychopathic, conceited, narcissistic, narrowminded, sexist, xenophobic, repulsive, greedy, out and out thoroughly nasty piece of work with no redeeming qualities whatsoever... and he wants to offer you, the subversive and immoral reader, guidance on how to become a pillar of...

Jeremy's Juicy Pair by Mark C Sutton

'Jeremy's Juicy Pair' contains the two full length novels, 'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking', and it's sequel, 'Jeremy and the Winter of the WorldWide Stalker'.
'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking'
Jeremy Felliwell is a very strange and unhinged individual; recently released back into society from a mysterious ‘establishment’, and shunned by most of his family because of ‘that thing that happened with great auntie Mavis shortly after Christmas lunch in 2003’, he is forced to...

The Black Pathway by Mark C Sutton

In Howard Trenton's case, he may well be the first truly 'inhuman' serial killer to have ever walked the Earth...
The Black Pathway Trail is a thirty mile walk that starts in the dying coastal town of Coldsleet, and which crosses moorland, cuts through forest, and scales two mountain peaks. A hike along the Black Pathway can be highly dangerous at the best of times, but when a young, sadistic serial killer begins to prowl the trail, then that walk becomes absolutely deadly...

Grandad Miller, Serial Killer by Mark C Sutton

You'll never feel safe on your allotment again...
Brian Miller is a devoted family man in his seventies, with a sinister secret; in the nineteen sixties, he murdered three people and got away with it. But Brian put aside his murderous ways, focusing instead on enjoying a happy life with his new young family. Many years later, a personal tragedy results in Brian's long dormant bloodlust to rise to the surface again, and the ageing serial killer is reborn, leading to a trail of death and...

The Dead Winter Mountain Murders by Mark C Sutton

They say that Stephen Hartley is one of the United Kingdom's worst serial killers... perhaps... but he's definitely the most nerdy.
When the body of a woman is found buried in a peatbog near Scarr Mountain, a police investigation quickly unearths many more grim discoveries in the surrounding area. Soon, their number one suspect is in custody... a geeky, squeamish, anxietyridden crybaby with a passion for model trains, golf, bad scifi movies, nerdy podcasts, soft rock ballads, Albanian...

Grandad Miller, Serial Killer and the Two Little Bastards by Mark C Sutton

This time around, It's Grandad Miller's turn to be the victim...
Ageing serial killer, Brian Miller, returns in this standalone short story which recalls events of the night when he is forced to childmind two hideous twelveyear old twins, Barney and Benjy Pickles. As the vile duo run rings around the UK's oldest mass murderer and coffin dodger, another menace lurks in the background, in the form of Brian's meddling, and blackmailing, neighbour, Clive McCornish, who is seeking to extort...

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