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White forest silence by Stephen Makk

What was a girl like me doing skiing through the Siberian forest? I'm a botanist; it was just a field trip, at least that’s what I told myself.
I'm Ellen from Alaska, I could handle the winter forest. I’d once have laughed if you’d told me the truth. In Siberia ancient primordial forces are at work; I’d have laughed.
But then I met one.
She’s a Mother I now know; the other’s her daughter, sort of. I’m her daughter too now, I don’t know what she saw in me; I’m...

Beneath Sunless waves by Stephen Makk

These events never actually happened. Allegedly. Apparently it's all just cold war rumour. "My name’s Tom, I’m on the side of the good guys. Then I was posted to Moscow and there it happened. I met Irina she’s a Soviet Naval officer; we knew we shouldn't get involved but we couldn't help it. I wasn't looking for that; we were from opposite sides of the iron curtain at least that’s what the outside world thought; for us it was a little more complicated." ...And then it got...

A fall into darkness by Stephen Makk

The Vikings called it Ragnarok. The end of the world. The cold war called it Mutually Assured Destruction, but the early signs of a thaw were in the air. Not all were happy with that. On both sides of the Iron curtain shadowy groups lurked and bided their time. It had to happen sometime. Beneath the swamp of deceit, East and West joined forces. The day of Ragnarok was nigh. Irina would wish it had stayed dormant and festering. The struggle against it would be fought in LA,...

Forbidden by Stephen Makk

Stuart volunteered for the mission; he knew he’d never be selected. He was chosen; didn’t life know it isn’t supposed to be like that? He couldn’t back out now, too many were counting on him; the world knew he’d been selected. She’d no real choice, if the truth be known, she was going. She knew it was too big a burden, but it had fallen on her; she’d have to go. The two of them would face love and terror in a far away place. Forbidden – It would be joy or pain. Or both.

The Kali option by Stephen Makk

MI6 wants the Indian Defence Minister taken out to avert nuclear war. Ex IRA Commander Marty Lynch is the man for the mission. But how do you recruit an IRA assassin? Fans of Jack Reacher, Jason Bourne and John Milton, there’s a new man in town. Pick up your copy now and join Marty Lynch as he battles to take out his man.

The Bitches by Stephen Makk

One girl’s descent into hell... Hell would never be the same again.
In harsh inhumane Soviet corrective labour camps, inmates were worked cold and starved. Many died, some were released and recounted tales of dystopian horror. People were sent to the Gulag on trumped up charges. Starvation, rape, beatings and psychological abuse were common place.
If you resisted or struck back you were known as a bitch, whether a woman or a man.
Bitch in Russian is a darker term...

Deception Abyss (To cross the Iron Rubicon Book 3) by Stephen Makk

China. It felt it’d been robbed of its rightful place as the leading power on Earth. There was land and resource aplenty on China’s doorstep. This fact ate away at one man’s soul. Alone, victimised, his life devastated. The occupiers of this resource area had killed his brother and stolen his country’s birth right. It was time to get even. Things were going to change.
Something was afoot at the Hainan Island Naval base, China’s nuclear ballistic submarine facility. Something...

The walk of a million years by Stephen Makk

Death is the end of all things. Perhaps death has other ideas?
An astronaut from the Republic of Antarctica and a young Swiss woman will one day share a world.
The two of them were to be an exploration team, nothing more. Didn’t the mission planners know that life makes the simple, complex?
On that cold world far away, a wait of aeons would come to an end. After a journey of seven point five billion kilometers, he took a walk.
It would shake us to our core. Revelations from...

Short Stories

The walk of a million years Category Sci Fi

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