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I am a indie author and Whimsical Nana, we see things from a different point of view! Follow me as I wonder through the world believing that kindness produces kindness and it starts with you and me~


The Fairies in Nana's Garden: and their secrets by Cindi Walton

Come along to Nana's house and visit her garden where there are fairies and magic galore. Sing and dance with a little girl who knows all about the the fairies that live in her Nana's garden. Written in a whimsical and poetic way that will delight all fairies lovers from 292. There is even a section for the reader to share information with the fairies too! Come share the fun and learn some fairy secrets along the way! Book sales help to fund Sock Monkey Nation a kindness and ...

The Witches of Altenburg: The Beginning by Cindi Walton

Strange and mysterious things are happening in, around and under the Crunklewood trees of Altenburg and it is all because of those witches, the ones that might not be witches at all. Follow the adventures of Isaac T. Cole as he writes down exactly what happened the day the witches appeared, and life in Altenburg was changed forevermore. Along the way Isaac encounters an odd assortment of characters and strange creatures. Is it all a tall tale or are things not as they appear to be? Come...

Hattie's Heart Hurts! by Cindi Walton

For Children 48: Hattie's Heart Hurts is the story of a young hedgehog who is struggling with the death of her Grandma Leona. Hattie's father gives her a journal and encourages her to fill it with memories and anything that helps her to remember the good times she had with her Grandmother. Hattie finds herself making a "Memory Tree" with each leaf containing a written memory of her beloved Grandma Leona. With each memory, Hattie's heart hurts less as she fills her journal with wonderful...

Sock Monkeys Don't Bully and neither should you! (Sock Monkey by Cindi Walton

At Sock Monkey Nation the sock monkeys are all about kindness and "being the kind of friend that you would like to have!" The material covered in "Sock Monkeys don't bully and neither should you," can be easily understood and implemented by those as young 4 years of age up through 4th grade This book with it's full color sock monkey pictures addresses issues such as "what does a bully look like?" What actions make you a bully? What are mean and hurtful words and what to do about a bully? ...

In My Nest: Poetry and musings of an odd egg by Cindi Walton

Just like a bird creates a nest from a "bit of this" and a
"bit of that"...We too are a composite of our thoughts, experiences whether they be good, bad and the everyday mundane. This little book is a meandering of my thoughts in the form of poetry, and the lyrical wanderings of my mind. The truest view of ourself comes from within~A collection that covers the gamut of emotions expressed from the vantage point of a modern day fable to the internal struggle of a grown woman...

Jack wants to be Jill: It's okay to be me! by Cindi Walton

This book is intended for all parents, grandparents, educators and anyone who has ever loved a child. Growing up is hard under the best of circumstances, but when you don’t feel like you belong in your own skin, the battle is one that lasts 24/7 unless someone intervenes and says…” You’re okay just the way you are and your feelings matter to me.” The first step in understanding the whole issue of gender identity is removing our bias, shutting our mouths, opening our ears and...

The Orange Blossom Fairy at Nana's House (Nana's Fairies Book 2) by Cindi Walton

"At my Nana’s house near the big orange tree, Lives a tiny fairy only I can see." A delightful tale told in verse that brings to life the magical world of fairies for those who believe. Book 2 in the Nana's Fairy series. All book sales fund a kindness/antibullying program. For more information please visit or the author's website @ ......

The Mermaid Fairy at Nana's House (Nana's Fairies Book 3) by Cindi Walton

A delightful mermaid tale with a twist since she is also a fairy. This story in verse tells of a child's encounter with a mystical creature while visiting Nana on her houseboat... "The water was blue and the sky was so bright,
I almost didn’t see her as she sprung into flight
A mystical creature so delightfully small, with wings on her back so she would not fall"
For mermaid and fairy lovers 292. All book sales fund an antibullying/kindness program @

NO CHICKENS in the Chicken Stew by Cindi Walton

Too many eggs for farmer Brown to sell, whatever shall he do? His wife's suggestion...make a chicken stew! A delightful story told in verse about a farm full of chickens who devise a plot to stay out of the stew pot, all while keeping their jobs on the egg farm~ For all chicken lovers age 292, this is the perfect tale for each of you~
Cindi Walton & Whimsical Words Publishing......

Love, Lies and a tiny house: A relationship puzzle by Cindi Walton

Two childhood friends embarking on the dream of a life time, working together at a Chicago life style magazine, but fate has other plans. Only one position truly exists and one of the friends is out of the loop, what would you do? Tell the truth or create a ruse? Friendship infused by a "white lie" sets the stage for mayhem in this romantic comedy where a bubbly barista, Chicago journalist, wind turbines and composting toilets have more in common than you think. Add to the mix a town of...

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Which Witch Are You?

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