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Darkly Dreaming (The Darkly Trilogy Book 1)
Chloe Hammond

Rae and best friend Layla are in France, to escape the wreckage Rae created when she chucked a handgrenade into her miserable marriage. She’s escaping the misery she’s created for herself by dreaming her life away, but now she’s left her confused husband behind while she tries to summon the courage to leave him for once and for all. At a street festival they are infected with the Vampire virus by a rebellious vampire and Rae finds herself living a new and terrifying existence. She...

Bound By Blood: The Vampires of Clyne
K.A. Hambly

Earth is about to reveal a dark secret, exposing the truth about the origins of the human race.
But a vampire organisation in London and Italy doesn't want it to get out for fear of an ancient prophecy spoken of by the witches in Clyne woods.
There is one girl who can save everyone and her name is Shelley Adams, but her identity has been kept hidden from the vicious Vampire after her, Salamander Riches and herself.

Vampire Marcus London embarks on a quest to find her, but...

He Counts Their Tears
Mary Ann D'Alto

A handsome, successful, charming man. Healer. Miracle maker. Aaron Stein is all those things. Behind the benevolent façade, however, hides a monster: a destroyer of souls who lusts after power and control. Aaron plays his ruse again and again with unsuspecting women who genuinely believe that they have met their new “best friend”, their “soul mate”. Covert hypnosis, edgy trysts, psychological warfare they’re all part of the sick game he plays “to have all the power

Forbidden Kisses
Sha Renée

Military regulations prohibit a personal relationship between them. Will they end their sizzling romance or keep it a secret...
and pray no one finds out?

To Lean On Falling Men
Kellie Wallace

Wall Street stockbroker John Forrest thought he had it all. Beautiful wife, booming business, fast lifestyle. But when he wakes up in an open grave in the middle of the desert he begins to question his life. He has no recollection of how he got there or who wants him dead. Found by an Iraqi rebel cell, John is taken hostage and forced to broadcast his plea across Western television.
When Amber Joseph sees her boss’s scratchy image on the Internet she vows to bring him home. John...