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Haven Lost (The Dragon's Brood Cycle Book 1)
Josh de Lioncourt

Legends never die; they just go into hiding …
Sixteenyearold Emily Haven, heroine of the girls’ hockey team at Lindsey High, has spent her young life keeping two secrets: her rapidly deteriorating home life and the seemingly supernatural power that makes her a star on the ice. When she begins seeing visions of a lost and ragged boy reflected in mirrors and shop windows, a series of events unfolds that tears her from twentyfirst century Minneapolis and leaves her stranded in another...

Have You Read?
Tax Break
Jay Williams

Pay Your Taxes!
But get a TAX BREAK
The IRS has a storied history. There's the story of the 10yearold boy who had his savings account confiscated by the IRS. There's the story of the 17yearold girl who the IRS threatened to garnish her wages and put a lien on her property if she didn't fork over $16 in taxes her uncle had already paid. There's the story of IRS workers throwing away or hiding returns in order to keep up with work. TAX BREAK relates the story of Jim Greenwald, a man so...

Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Sherlock
Ralph Vaughan

Upon Sherlock Holmes' return to London after the Great Hiatus, he thwarted the murderous plans of Colonel Sebastian Moran, but what happened after that? Here, for the first time, learn what really drew Holmes back to London, the truth about the strange Vanishments and the East End Ghosts, and how the entirety of Time & Space was contained in a single night. In other stories, we learn exactly what Mrs Hudson's life was like with the most troublesome lodger in London, what Watson witnessed in...

Surviving Abductions: Restraint Escape
Jim Taylor

Abductions are skyrocketing all over the globe. Why? The answer is simple: There's money in it. Whether you're a business person, government official, or a housewife there is money in abducting you and holding you for ransom. Sound unlikely? Almost every abductee thought so too!
The dynamics of kidnapping for profit have changed from the standard highdollar ransom demand to, many times, $1000 to $3000 demands given by organized kidnapping rings. Abduction is now treated as a...

Elves & Dragons (The Lands of Elohan Book 2)
Felicia Mires

A sorceress as dark as Orcus itself is out to rule all the lands of Elohan.
Reychek the elf has been banished by his kin for bringing the curse of the shadow dragon into the lands of Elohan. Though his reliance on Elohan shattered the curse, he feels he must make amends. With his dragon, Keronyth, he sets on a quest to rid the lands of the sorceress Imythra before she can break through her enchanted portal.
When a very bewildered earth woman drops at his feet, he is honorbound to...

Seduction of Dynasty PLUS: Hot cops. Hot crime. Hot romance.
Emma Calin

book bundle – includes the steamy romance novel ‘Seduction of Dynasty’ PLUS ‘Seduction of Taste’, an illustrated companion recipe the romance – feel the passion – taste the love! 
A sexy aristocrat. A wildchild inner city cop. A crime wave of passion. 
Feisty London street cop Shannon Aguerri walks a dangerous line between her methods and justice. After onetoomany maverick missions the bosses lose their nerve. When she's moved out from the city she rapidly...