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This is my blog. This is where I spew forth about how I view the world.

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The Special Relationship (The End of Days Trilogy. Book 1)
Sirius Alexander

In the future, old alliances, long accepted national borders and political hegemony will have entered a state of flux. This book looks forwards to a world not far removed from our own. Allowing the reader a glimpse through the looking glass, into a world none of us truly wish to experience, but perhaps secretly wonder whether we would survive?
If your world was reversed, how would you react? If your best friend was threatened by an old ally, what would you do? What happens if one day you...

Have You Read?
Letters to the Pianist
S.D. Mayes

In war torn London, 1941, fourteenyearold Ruth Goldberg and her two younger siblings, Gabi and Hannah, survive the terrifying bombing of their family home. They believe their parents are dead, their bodies buried underneath the burnt remains – but unbeknownst to them, their father, Joe, survives and is taken to hospital with amnesia.
Four years on, Ruth, stumbles across a newspaper photo of a celebrated pianist and is struck by the...

Jodie Broom: The Book of the Rose (Jodie Broom series 2)
Julie Hodgson

Ever since Jodie came into possession of her timetravelling library card, she has had more spectacular adventures than she would ever hope to dream possible. But along with the thrilling escapades and the steadfast friends she has made, she has endured her share of heartache. Jodie attempts to escape her helplessness by continuing her search for the precious, longoutlawed printed books that she adds to her growing secret collection at the home of her friend, Otso.
While visiting her...

Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Advent
John Pirillo

San Francisco is struck by a tsunami and earthquake that level the city and kill millions. The Golden Gate Bridge collapses.
London's Tower of London, Big Ben and many other historical areas are flattened by a massive earthquake.
Delhi, India is destroyed.
Moscow, Russia is turned to rubble.
Beijing, China is swallowed by the earth opening up beneath it.
Billions die in a matter of minutes.
The earth is no longer the safe place humans assumed it was.
As new nations are...

Snowbound for Christmas and Other Stories (Annie Acorn's
Annie Acorn

Hopeful that the back left tire on his truck will hold, Jack Branson begins the last leg of his long journey, desperate to reach his family’s farm and surprise them on Christmas Eve. Nature, though, has other plans for the returning serviceman this snowfilled Christmas. Needing to find shelter, he spots the glow of lights from a small farmhouse and seeks sanctuary there. But then, the worn door opens, and he’s welcomed in…
So begins the latest offering from internationally...

Kindred Intentions
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

24 hours. 2 people. 1 target.
It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jennings arrived at the law firm Goldberg & Associates for a job interview. Her mission was to investigate a series of murders involving some wellknown lawyers in the City. Her target, an elusive hired killer who had been of interest to the police for months.
But her plan is doomed to fall apart before it even starts.
In less than twentyfour hours Amelia will be the prey in a man hunt and her destiny will...