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This is my blog. This is where I spew forth about how I view the world.

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The Special Relationship (The End of Days Trilogy. Book 1)
Sirius Alexander

In the future, old alliances, long accepted national borders and political hegemony will have entered a state of flux. This book looks forwards to a world not far removed from our own. Allowing the reader a glimpse through the looking glass, into a world none of us truly wish to experience, but perhaps secretly wonder whether we would survive?
If your world was reversed, how would you react? If your best friend was threatened by an old ally, what would you do? What happens if one day you...

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I've Loved These Days: Abigail Phelps, Book One
Bethany Turner

"The very first time you met me you knew that he would never be the same again, didn't you? For the record, I was never the same again either. And while times have changed and opportunities have been lost, I still know in my heart of hearts that I never will be. But we can't go back, and we can't undo. What's more, I don't really want to. While my life is not perfect, it is uniquely, ridiculously mine, and I would not trade it."
Abigail Phelps has written her memoirs, but the world has...

Grey Areas 2: Ghosts of Winter
Brad Carl

After fleeing Gable, Iowa, amidst a mess of controversy and murder, Henry Fields/Barrett Greyson now finds himself closing in on Canada in an attempt to start over once again. The people he left behind in Iowa and his home state of Colorado are struggling with their own inner demons as the FBI and DEA try to pick up the pieces regarding the murder of Henry/Barrett's boss, Otto Clevinger, and the drug muling of Tom Chumansky. While the frigid winter weather moves through the country,...

Destiny's Mark
Sharon Lopez

Danni has made quite the name for herself as a freelance photographer.
Her love life with Miles resembles her career; no strings attached.
She is in control of the wheel and is moving full speed ahead;
that is until she learns that there is more to her life than meets the eye.
In walks Damian, the level headed, arrogant, but desirable model with a huge
secret about Danni, that sends her life spinning out of control. 
“I really loved it! It kept me on the edge of my...

The Resurrectionists
Daisy Cains

A boy is found dead at an ancient English boarding school and Barrister Ledra Craig is persuaded to investigate. She agrees to try and catch the killer before the police arrive and school's reputation is ruined.
She uncovers evidence of bullying, brutality and bad food but most worryingly she finds links to Aleister Crowley the Great Beast himself.
Ledra has to take on the schoolboy devil worshippers if she is to catch the killer and she has to race against time to save the school...

Who Invited the Ghost to Dinner: A Ghost Writer Mystery
Teresa Watson

Cam Shaw is hoping that her life will be ghostfree from now on. But that hope dies with the appearance of Mac “the Faker” Green, a wisecracking ghost from Vegas who has followed her grandmother home. And during the opening night of Blithe Spirit, someone has sent Susan Ingram to her ghostly afterlife. What does her death have to do with the death of her motherinlaw fifty years ago? Who is trying to wipe out the Ingram family one person at a time? And when will that Vegas ghost stop...