Why would three authors want to kill their publisher? Well, he's holding their book hostage and won't release it...threatens to shelve it forever. But every clever scheme to send him on a one-way trip backfires. Check it out.

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Vanishing Act in Vegas: A Silver Sisters Mystery (Silver

The Silver Sisters are back and this time they're in Las VegasWhat secret is the beautiful magician Mara the Magnificent hiding?A funfilled Silver Sisters escapade in "Sin City"... After Godiva's son Torch buys a condo in Las Vegas, his grandmother Flossie and great uncle Sterling decide to pay him a visit. When the old vaudeville magicians drag him to the Pageant of Peacocks starring sexy Mara the Magnificent it's love at first sight. The romance blossoms but when Torch returns from a...

Have You Read?
Periwynkle & Mandragora
Nicci Mayne

A novella about young folly, reckless abandon & determined love~
Ruan looked at himself in the looking glass. His hair was a deep red, the colour of wellaged wine; his beard was short but probably not very attractive to a girl of Phillipa’s age and his eyes were midnight blue. His physique was also sound he was taller than most men and he had broad shoulders, a thin waist and long, muscular legs. As far as marriage went, with his future title and wealth, he was considered a prize...

FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story (1)
Mark King

Daniel leads a peaceful life with his family until he finds out a repulsive secret about the Overseers, the ‘saviours of humanity’, and his security is blown to smithereens. He enters a world where death is the only certainty and quickly learns to kill – or be killed.
Enter Gwendolyn, with the charm of a snake and a bite that’s twice as dangerous. People skills aren’t her thing but she knows how to survive in a postapocalyptic world; she’s a hotshot with a bow and arrow and...

Longing for You (Touched by Magic Book 1)
Kelli McCracken

Redemption. Seduction. Love wasn't part of the plan.Theo McCabe is on the road to fame. Next stop, hometown hell, Savannah, Georgia. After a wicked fight with his domineering father forced him to leave town, he vowed to never return. Six years later, he's persuaded back when his brother agrees to produce Theo's first album.
Hellbent on avoiding his past, Theo submerges himself in work until a lastminute gig at a local bar has him crossing paths with Cassie Clarke, the one girl he never...

Instinctive Heroes: Come the Moment Heroes Step Forward
Sydney Carr

In 1958, dramatic events continue to disrupt the lives of every day working folk in the tough but friendly town of Ashington.
In this sequel to ‘Heroes’; having survived years of torment and abuse at the hands of her drunken husband recently hanged for the murder of a police officer, the beautiful Jane, helped by the unexpected inheritance from her father, begins to build a new life for herself and her children. When the loathsome McArdles resurface keen to take a share of Jane and...

Walking with Elephants
Karen S. Bell

Suze Hall is at a crossroads. Her nemesis at work, Wanda, has been promoted and now will be her boss. Her husband, Bob, is leaving her and the three kids for a sixmonth sabbatical down under. To top it off, her best friend, Marcia, is missing in action—playing footsie with some new boyfriend!
Adding to this disaster stew, David, the gorgeous hunk who broke her younggirl's heart has coincidentally popped back into her life and has something she desperately needs to keep her jo...