Why would three authors want to kill their publisher? Well, he's holding their book hostage and won't release it...threatens to shelve it forever. But every clever scheme to send him on a one-way trip backfires. Check it out.

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Vanishing Act in Vegas: A Silver Sisters Mystery (Silver

The Silver Sisters are back and this time they're in Las VegasWhat secret is the beautiful magician Mara the Magnificent hiding?A funfilled Silver Sisters escapade in "Sin City"... After Godiva's son Torch buys a condo in Las Vegas, his grandmother Flossie and great uncle Sterling decide to pay him a visit. When the old vaudeville magicians drag him to the Pageant of Peacocks starring sexy Mara the Magnificent it's love at first sight. The romance blossoms but when Torch returns from a...

Have You Read?
The Matador Murders
Jerold Last

Roger and Suzanne are back in Montevideo, Uruguay after being summoned from Los Angeles by a late night phone call. One of their friends is suspected of murder and needs their skills as detectives to help clear him of the charges. Life for Roger, and especially for Suzanne, is more complicated these days as they now have an infant son, Robert. The three of them, accompanied by Robert’s nanny, Bruce, fly to Uruguay and the game is afoot. Before long we have our heroes directly in the...

The Mystery of Priory Mansion
Nathalie M.L. Römer

For years the house at the end of the street stood empty. However, one evening as Lucas Cayton is walking past the house walking his dog, he hears sounds coming from inside the building.

Open Wounds (Harbour Bay Book 2)
Camille Taylor

Internal Affairs officer Kellie Munroe is investigating one of her own…
Kellie and Detective Amelia Donovan were childhood friends, until a horrifying event destroyed their friendship. Now Amelia is slated for promotion to Superintendent, but her career is in jeopardy following a physical altercation with a suspect, and her history with Kellie complicates the already sensitive investigation.
Amelia’s partner Darryl Hill must work with Kellie, despite serious reservations...

Native Lands (Florida Fiction Series): Historical Native
P.C. Zick

Forbidden loves, deceptions, and murder threaten to destroy nature and families in a saga stretching from the 1760s to the present day. Native Lands is a novel rich in intrigue and history as a tribe of Native Americans, thought to be extinct, fight to save their beloved heritage. They join with others willing to sacrifice everything to save further destruction of the Everglades and St. Augustine. 
Join Locka and Mali as they lead their tribe of Timucuans away from the Spanish near...

Notes from the Nineties: Stories and Poems
M Thomas Apple

A beach in Ireland, a mountain temple in Japan, a hot summer drive in the Bronx, a dentist's office in Michigan, a hospital in San Francisco, and a bus ride through the Hudson Valley, poems and photos between, disparate tales tied together with raw emotions: rage, tenderness, vindictiveness, jealousy, terror, sorrow, loss, acceptance.