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Ruth G Juliano

Benjamin was raised to only care about people for as long as he needed something from them. He believed that if an issue couldn't be solved with charm then it could be solved with money. 
Frequently underestimated, and tired of being alone, Benjamin returns home after years department the crowning jewel of his father's company.  If there's one thing he knows, it's books.
He quickly discovers that a lot of things aren't what they had seemed while he was away, and has no idea...

Have You Read?
Dangerous Liaisons
Sarah Stuart

Readers' Favorite Romance/Sizzle Bronze Medal Winner 2016
Lizzie falls in love with Michael and helps him become a showbiz superstar. At 18, their daughter, Lisette, seduces Michael. Can Lizzie forgive them, outwit the paparazzi out to prove incest and the birth of a lovechild, save their careers and liberty, and her marriage?

Outpost (The Fylking Book 1)
F.T. McKinstry

In a wartorn realm occupied by a race of immortal warlords called the Fylking, trouble comes with a price. Using the realm as a backwater outpost from which to fight an ancient war, the Fylking protect the portals between the worlds by the sword. Their enemies, without pity, are bent on annihilation.
Arcmael is a seer with a tormented past. A servant of the Fylking, his solitary life takes a turn when he’s set upon by a warlock gathering an army of warriors that cannot die. Othin, a...

The Time Traveler's Fool
Carl Stevens

In a dialogue over six days between a psychiatrist and a man claiming to be a time traveler you decide if he is a lunatic, a time traveler, a murderer, a victim, all of the above or none. Start reading convinced that he is insane and end satisfied that you were right all along. Start reading convinced that he travels through time and end satisfied that you were right all along. Then begin the endless discussion with yourself or others about how both readings can be right or must be...

SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew
Steve Snyder

Belgium ... February 8, 1944 ... Shot Down and Alive
For the first time, the full and complete story of the B17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in unbelievable detail. Author Steve Snyder’s story of his father, Lieutenant Howard Snyder, and the Susan Ruth crew, provides indepth details about many aspects of World War II few understand or know about including the:
• separation for young families as men went off to war;
• training before heading to foreign...

Sanctuary: A story of Mystery and Romance (Ben Coverdale Book 1)
Glyn Smith-Wild

Naivety, sexual antics, evil domination, love, laughter, and catastrophe – it is all there.
Ben Coverdale is a happy, successful young man. He has a business which is thriving, and has been living with Mary Willson for the past five years.
But on the fifth anniversary of their moving in together, Mary announces that she is leaving him to live with Donald, a man many years her senior.
Ben is distraught but realises that he is now in a position to fulfil a dream that he has had in...