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The Girl from the North (Pathway of the Chosen Book 1)
Cat Bruno

When a dark stranger, beautiful and haunting, approaches the flamehaired girl on a solitary stretch of beach, she senses that her life at the Healer’s Academy is about to change. As his hands reach for her forehead, gliding across it with intimacy and purpose, suddenly, she remembers who he is, and who he has been. Yet, still, Bronwen wonders why she was chosen, and fears what the mysterious man's presence in her life will mean. Before he turns to leave, she asks why he has come and why it...

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Saying Goodbye (What the World Doesn't Know Book 1)
Mahima Martel

No matter how strong the relationship, or powerful the attraction at some time we all must say goodbye.
In 1964 the winds of change blows across the Atlantic from England to America and sparks a cultural and social revolution. Traditional values of the past are replaced with more modern attitudes caused by the hottest tunes and the latest dance craze.
Vivacious Hollywood starlet Frankie Robinson has no romantic expectations when she meets the dark and introspective Alex Rowley,...

The Chobbingham Green Preservation Society
Leonard Sime

The meetings and misadventures of the Chobbingham Green Preservation Society. Annotated by diarist, journalist and write things downerist Leonard Sime. And all that sort of thing.......

Fatigue: When Waking Up is Hard to Do
Mary Blowers

If you suffer crushing fatigue, I understand because I have been there. I used to have to "ration" my energy. If I spent a day at the beach, the sun and heat would so exhaust me that I couldn't leave the house the next day. While working full time I was in tears by Wednesday because I just didn't think I could keep getting up and getting going every morning. Now at last I have enough energy to do what I want.
This ebook reviews many different causes of fatigue and strategies to help you...

Kai's Journey: The Trilogy

Set ten years in the future, a lone man has wandered the vast wastelands alone. With nothing but his sword and his indomitable will to never give up, he searches for a home, acceptance, and a new start. Can he find it in this death ridden world his father created?......

The Best Sleepover In The Deep Blue Sea (The Best Sleepover

Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep? That’s exactly what happened to Harmony, a very tiny princess and Chance, a very tiny noble knight who lived in a very large castle under the deep blue sea. They were afraid to fall asleep for fear of invaders.They were certain that, if they had a sleepover and invited all of their friends, they would fall asleep without any problems. Come along with Harmony and Chance on their journey through the sea and meet the friends they invited to their...