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Revised 08/25/12: Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebelliontorn world, several continents away from what she considers home, and for the missing Amulet that can choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Stormrider is cast adrift in a sea of intrigue, mysticism and magic. Isolated, she is dependent upon her own wits and skills to survive.
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Have You Read?
Trinity of the Truthbearer: The Journeys of Connor Clark, Book
Hans Erdman

Connor Clark is a strong man in body and spirit. But he is nothing without his soulmate, the beautiful Iolena Yaleria, and their adopted daughter, Menta Kai, by his side. Connor and his Elven wife and daughter race the Dark Lord’s forces to save a child and bring the Truth to the remaining six Worlds, facing new danger and new adventures at every turn.

Tangled Up In You: A Rogue Series Novel
Lara Ward Cosio

Gavin McManus is exact right person to be the lead singer of a band like Rogue. He’s got the requisite disheveled good looks, confidence, and undeniable magnetism, but what sets him apart is the way he funnels the childhood pain of his mother abandoning him into woundedrockstar mystique.
Sophie Kavanaugh was drawn to Gavin long before he found fame. Her own desire to be what he needed, to somehow be the one to fix him, lasted beyond what should have simply been a memorable schooldays...

Firelord's Wyrd (The Firelord's Legacy Book 4)
Dee Harrison

The quest to secure the Firelord's Legacy and avert the danger brought about by Raethwin's battle with Maegror continues. Corinius, Heir to the throne of the Severed Kingdoms, has been uncovered as a traitor. His plot to assassinate his uncle and seize the mysterious Sword of Mandarian has been foiled but he has escaped, taking with him Darial, the true Heir, and other hostages. Falath and Mirin are finally reunited and sent in pursuit by Guild Master Tamilin. Their goal is the King's Circle...

The Gift of Christmas
Kelly Matthews

Lisa is not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to Christmas but she has her reasons. When she inherits her grandfather’s farm in New York, she takes off from London to work at her dream job in a publishing firm. But little does she know how quickly her life will turn around when weird, synchronistic events and a guy she meets on Twitter steer her towards her life’s true purpose. Will Lisa find her love for Christmas in more ways than one?......

Beneath Gray Skies
Hugh Ashton

The Confederacy survives into the 20th century. President Jefferson Davis III meets a young German politician in the White House, Richmond, and tells him, "Yes, Mr. Hitler, we can help you and your National Socialists to stage a coup in Germany."
The massive Zeppelin Bismarck is the symbol of Nazi power, bringing a gift from the Old World to the New - and it must be stopped!