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P. A. Bechko

Revised 08/25/12: Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebelliontorn world, several continents away from what she considers home, and for the missing Amulet that can choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Stormrider is cast adrift in a sea of intrigue, mysticism and magic. Isolated, she is dependent upon her own wits and skills to survive.
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Have You Read?
There Once Was a River Stone (Mindfulness for a Better World

The story retells the adventure or a river bed stone. Along the plot, the stone becomes more and more alive, it thinks, feels and finaly moves. A step towards mindfulness, respect and genuine happiness. It is only on the last page that the reader will come to a picture of mindful piles of stones, a message from the author that grouping together with the common value of respect might leads us on the path of nonviolence. It's a children's picture book but it has no age limit...:) Kamon......

Whispers of the Stones (A High Country Mystery)
Vickie Britton

Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds 'Bartering Bill' Garr murdered at his rural antique store. Only one item is missing a rare artifact believed to be the Pedro Mummy. First discovered in a cave in Wyoming, the Pedro Mummy was reported missing in the 1950s. Dr. Seth Talbot, newly arrived in town, has put out a fifteenthousanddollar reward for any information on the mummy, hoping that modern technology will prove his theory that a tiny race of people actually existed: one the Shoshones call the...

Hidden Secrets: Book Two in the DeBois Series
Sue Raymond

US Marshal Jean DeBois must stop the wacked out prophecy witness Su Anderson’s nanny keeps spouting from coming true.
Jean must keep Su alive long enough to testify before the Grand Jury to stop drug cartel Michelin Hogan from getting away with murder.
Things are getting too complicated as Jean is having feelings for Su that is getting in the way of her protection.......

Flight Path: A Wright & Tran Novel
Ian Andrew

Wright & Tran are back!
Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training.
"I'd like you to make sure
the dead are really dead."
So it is that the enigmatic Franklyn tasks Kara and Tien to investigate the apparent suicide of a local celebrity. Within days the women are embarked on a pursuit that leads halfway around the...

The Devil's Own Desperado
Lynda J. Cox

He's everything she fears... Wounded gunfighter Colt Evans stumbles onto a remote homestead never expecting to find compassion. But beautiful Amelia McCollister is like no other woman. Suddenly, his dream of settling down with a wife and home is within reachbut only if his past never comes gunning for him. She's everything he dreams of... Amelia had to grow up fast after outlaws murdered her parents, leaving her to raise her siblings alone. With a young brother who idolizes shootists, she...